Favorite Type of Fighting?

Water warfare game types, ideas, rules, organization, etc.
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Favorite Type of Fighting?

Post by SEAL » Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:04 pm

What's your favorite way to do battle? Here's mine:

Field: I like my fields on the larger side, but not so large that you can't find anyone. Proper scaling for the number of players is key. They must have ample cover and concealment, and you should never be able to see your opponent at the start of the battle. I like both wooded and urban fields equally, as long as those conditions are met.
Gametype: Not too picky on gametypes. Anything from basic 1HS to multi-stage objective games, as long as the field supports them. I'm less keen on 1HK unless there is something fun to do for eliminated players.
Duration: As I've said countless times, I strongly prefer rounds to last longer rather than shorter. Anything under two hours is over too quick for me. Four to six hours is more ideal, although I don't realistically have an upper limit. 12 hours? Cake. 24 hours? Let's do it. 48 hours? No better way to spend a weekend. A whole week? If we could find a way to make it happen, I'd be all for it.

Runner-up round style favorites include mid-length CTF, such as those played at Downpour '11 and Pandemonium '15. They typically last an hour or so in a medium-sized arena, and are extremely tactical and strategic in nature. I also enjoy close-quarters 1HS such as the portable labyrinth rounds. They are the only short rounds I actually get excited about, although I still prefer at least like half an hour of round time, and seeing the enemy when you start is still a big no-no.

What about you? Feel free to use my format, or make your own.
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Re: Favorite Type of Fighting?

Post by the oncoming storm » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:34 am

I am probably the only person that prefers CTF games to traditional OHS rounds it solves the problems of hunting and hiding that seem to be prevalent in score based fighting.

Soakfests are a fast paced game type that almost never gets played in wars but I still love it, it’s the purest form of water war but with our numbers tends to work best in smaller areas not much larger than an acre or 2.

Battlefields are pretty open for me ranging from small parks with a creek and playground near each other (provided they have some cover) for casual rounds to full on wilderness like little Creek
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Re: Favorite Type of Fighting?

Post by marauder » Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:20 pm

Field: Generally I prefer flood plains with a mix of forest and high grass. Ideally this location has some changes in elevation but nothing too steep/hilly as this only seems to promote a race to the top. IMHO, the best type of elevation changes are small ditches or ridges no more than 5 feet in height. These can still have a huge influence on gameplay.

Other natural obstacles which provide cover and possible elevation advantage are also preferred. A perfect example of this would be an enormous overturned tree. The roots/base of the tree can often be as tall as a person and are great to hide behind/climb upon. I prefer my water sources to be natural, but very clean, preferably sandy or slightly rocky.

The ideal battlefield should have multiple points that are suitable for refilling. Ideally this means not only one, but multiple streams. The primary stream should be between 4 and 30 feet wide. At 4 feet the average water warrior can make an easy jump (que Tony falling GIF) and at 30 feet both parties can still fire across relatively easily. Most importantly, this size is typically best for preventing water warriors from crossing anywhere they want easily, but also still provides plenty of places to ford. If the battlefield has peninsulas, mini islands, and or multiple streams then even better. Anything that forces fighting in specific areas but prevents complete bottlenecking.

I don't typically like upland forest or areas that are heavily oak or pine as they tend to have less undergrowth. I probably have the highest tolerance, or enthusiasm even, for thick undergrowth. I prefer sand for the soil type as I like to, but don't always get to, do a lot of crawling around. I dislike mud. Unfortunately these 2 seem to go together fairly often.

I do like urban settings as well, but I am a fairly picky about that. I like a lot of cover and places to hide. I'm not that big a fan of places like the Cornish Estate, although we did have some good fighting there.

Gametype: My preference is actually for 1hk, which we haven't played in 3+ years. A close second is long OHS and third is probably capture the flag. I do enjoy other types of games, such as multi team (i.e. 3 v 3 v 3) but am not a big hold the line or attack/defend fan. I really enjoy soakfests, but only under the right circumstances, e.g. at the end of the day when it's still really hot out and right before getting something delicious to eat.

Duration: This depends on the battle type. Long OHS is great if we have good teams. I'm also ok with long OHK games. People who are eliminated should pick up a camera and film. CTF rounds seem to be best at 30 minutes. Anything below that isn't enough time. Anything over that tends to lack the proper sense of desperation.
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