Battles in the Dark Times

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.
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Battles in the Dark Times

Post by the oncoming storm » Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:07 pm

After 2007 when the Ridge-Wood Militia retired major water warfare went on standby until Seal hosted Downpour 2011, this is meant to document the smaller battles that went on in these "Dark Times"

Nothing much to report from me in this time, The only real engagement for me during this time was a Dual between my Bottle Shot, and what was my sisters mint CPS 1200 (I lost :goofy: )
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Re: Battles in the Dark Times

Post by HBWW » Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:21 pm

These "dark times" were when I hosted the most HBWW events, had the first known community arranged meet-up in a long time, and developed my homemades, taking me to where I am in 2013. I will admit however, that things were going to die down slowly for me had it not been for the community wars.

There have been no true dark times in water warfare yet; everyone's always doing something, no matter how small or low-key. That's what's awesome about us and what we do.
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Re: Battles in the Dark Times

Post by SEAL » Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:32 am

2007 was when I first starting really getting into water warfare (though I've liked water guns since 2002), and when I started my team. Our battles were mostly backyard soakfest-type things, but we did have a night war that I really enjoyed, and was the best battle I'd ever had until Downpour started. I think you can find my battle report on However we did plan a lot; we planned for huge, militaristic wars with tanks, spy cameras, NVG, etc. We came up with a bunch of elaborate battle plans, assigned codenames, and made a battle map of the forest in our backyard (which is terrible for water wars by the way; there is no concealment anywhere). Naturally this was all talk, and we never got more than maybe 6 people to fight with us (and even then it was just a soakfest or something), but it was still kind of fun.

It wouldn't have been the "dark times" if we had the money and people to do what we wanted to do, haha.
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Re: Battles in the Dark Times

Post by marauder » Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:21 pm

I held a 2 v 2 CTF 1hs war at UNC Charlotte. It was one of the most intense wars I've ever been a part of. I call it a war because we had multiple battles. One of my opponents was on the cross country team's practice squad. Our cross country team was Division 1 and ranked top 25. They won the Atlantic 10 conference title at least 5 years straight, so even though he was on the practice squad he was a lot faster than me. This was difficult but weaponry reigned supreme. I had a CPS 2000 and my team mate had an XP 70. We fought an XP 150 and SS 100 mk2 over several rounds. Eventually they made me switch to a different gun because even with the thick terrain and a good sprinter on their team, they couldn't match my 2000. I don't remember what I switched to after that. I also had several other small battles at school during this time.

One was a soakfest where I had a Monster XL and took on 2 Arctic Blasts and a Max D Secret Strike. One of the opponents was Trey (latsevyert) from MOAB. Another was the girl who's picture I used to create the center picture for our WWN Patch. That was a lot of fun.

Another battle was a soakfest where I used an XP 150 vs a guy on the track team with an Arctic Blast. This was particularly intense because we fought at night and he was quicker than Duxburian and Drenchenator if you can imagine that. We fought around the gardens and the back of the summer school housing so there were many great places for him to ambush me from and then take off and hide again.

I had a soakfest vs my ex gf Amie. She was using my CPS 2000 and I was using my Monster XL. She actually shot over me most of the time. Pretty funny.

Another soakfest was with another girl, at her house. I was using an XP 150 and she was using an XP 310. That was a lot of fun, and she was really into me, but although I was cool with hanging out I wasn't about to start a relationship with a highschooler.

Yet another event was a 2 v 1 which I can't remember if it was a soakfest or 1hs, or if we went back and forth. It was me with a CPS 2000 vs my ex gf Liz who was using a 1500 and my friend Trey (latsevyert) who was using a Transformers version of the Aquashock Secret Strike. We played several rounds.

Also had several soakfests against a girl who was staying the weekend with me cuz she was out of town and we were going to warped tour together. Fought using a Monster X vs XXP 175, and probably some others that I can't remember.

In 2011 a month before Downpour I had a major soakfest where it was my brother (SC 600, later XP 70) and me (MXL, later XP 110) vs my sister (XP 70), my cousin Drew who was at Hydropoc (Ultimate Explorer), my cousin Will who was at Downpour and Hydropoc (XP 150), and my dad (XP 65 + XP 75). That was really intense. Being outnumbered 2 to 4 can be worse than 1 to 2 depending upon who your opponents are and where you're playing. Drew ran track in college, so he was pretty fast.

I'm sure there were others, but that's what I remember right now.
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