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Re: Storms Duelfest’s

Post by the oncoming storm » Sat Sep 12, 2020 8:17 pm

Ran some more stuff today

Beast vs CPS 2500 5-6
Beast at long range acts like a defensive gun and the 2500 more offensive. This fight reminds me a lot the battle between my 300 and CPS 2000. The 275 puts a wall of water up and makes it difficult to move in closer, but the 2500 is slightly better at attack than the Beast is defense and won out. Interestingly my friend felt like the Beast was slightly outranging the 2500’s 10x.

SC 500 vs XP 150 7-4
This fight was a surprise I expected the 150 to win out using its RoF but the 500 has a range advantage that made it difficult to move in on.

Python 2 vs Colossus 2 3-1
This fight once again reminds me why the C2 is so weak, the C2 gets air in the shot everytime you try to shoot it on the move and it against a mobile opponent it costs you.
If you ever bother reading these, I worry for your mental sanity. :oo:

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