Single stream Nozzle vs duel/spread output efficiency

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Single stream Nozzle vs duel/spread output efficiency

Post by the oncoming storm » Mon May 14, 2018 9:19 pm

After the war I was talking to Ben about testing the effect of duel nozzles vs single nozzles n regards to soakage and once I got back I decided to test it using my 275 and Vindicator. Testing was done from 15' on a 100% cotton shirt draped on a ladder but snug enough to simulate wear with a piece of cardboard behind it for skin and then weighted to see how much it had absorbed after a tap shot and expressed as a % of output.

Duel 1x vs 1.9oz/s (75.8%) This was a small surprise but makes some sense because output was so low.
Duel 2.5x vs 5X (73.6% vs 71.9%) here is where the difference started to show itself and grew from there
Duel 5x vs 10x drilled (72.6% vs 69.4%) while it may seem wrong because single 5x was less damaging per output but I figure that the difference comes down to the 275 losing power from feeding 2 larger than stock settings 10x hits roughly 39-40' vs 36-37' for duel 5x

I was able to extrapolate from their the MXL's output efficiency as

Duel 5x 72.6%
Duel 8.5x 69.7%
Duel 11.5X 68.7%
Duel Power-Burst 73.3%
Aquastorm 76.2%

And the WW quadburst as 76.3%

Lastly I extrapolated a 2000 as 62.65% which still still places it ahead of the MXL on soakage. data shows the MXL trailing at 13.5oz/s vs 18.8oz/s for the 2000. So in short I was able to confirm a long standing theory however the results have been often overstated by many including myself
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Re: Single stream Nozzle vs duel/spread output efficiency

Post by marauder » Tue May 15, 2018 9:14 am

Nice write up. For me it's not just a matter of soakage, but the increased chance of scoring a hit. The increased spread makes it more difficult to dodge. That being said, issues such as mobility can also make it more difficult to aim and need to be taken into consideration as well.
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