What Level Of Weaponry Is Worth Using

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Which Wars would you attend? (see post for details)

Only CPS and equivalent
Only Larger Water Warriors and Larger XPs
Only modern Water Warriors (2013+)
Only Modern water warriors ((2013+) and Nerf Super Soakers
Nerf Super Soakers only
No votes
Pinch trigger Pistols only
No votes
Squirt Pistols only
No votes
Water Ballons only
Total votes: 17

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What Level Of Weaponry Is Worth Using

Post by jja » Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:46 pm

Assuming you were invited to a local War with weaponry at the levels noted in in the poll, which Wars would you attend and which would you pass on and stay home? Assume a variety of hit based 5v5 rounds in each case.

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Re: What Level Of Weaponry Is Worth Using

Post by HBWW » Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:36 pm

Depends on what kind of games you're running, how you want the blasters balanced, and what kind of equipment you have available. The trouble of lesser-capable blasters is in competitive play and in calling/detecting hits.

Community wars are based on light primaries, medium primaries, and anything allowed rules. The first 2 categories are balanced based on how the blasters interact, but they are also subjective standards of what qualifies as "light" or "medium"; the definition stays as it is because we have not had problems yet.

As for what wars I'd attend, that depends primarily on the gameplay itself and the resources required to get there.

Short Drive: Almost any water war, even soakfests if with friends.
Medium Drive: Quality water wars that run for the duration of the drive or better.
Long Drive: Quality water wars that run for 2 days.

Quality gameplay does generally require light primaries or better, but that depends on the playing environment as well. If the playing environment supports very close quarters gameplay and prevents players from being aware of each other until they're very close up, less capable blasters might work, if hits can be felt/detected. The hit standard would need to change though.

I will not be answering the poll due to the factors that a simple answer can't account for.
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Re: What Level Of Weaponry Is Worth Using

Post by DX » Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:54 pm

I'd do all of the above, except games limited to only Nerf Super Soakers, only pinch trigger pistols, or only squirt pistols. Those things fail the minimum threshold to have a "water war". Although, I'd do NSS if it includes all NSS, not just those under the branded line (Shot Blast and Quick Blast for example). I'd also do pinch trigger if it weren't just limited to pistols. Pinch trigger soakers are actually among the largest soakers there are, offbrands can be larger than CPS. You can make their outputs huge (but forget about any kind of range).

Ultimately, drive distance is more important to me than what's being used. I am limited by money and vehicle safety concerns, not interest or even drive time. I'll tolerate more than 12 hours of solo driving in all-weather, but my car needs to be fixed in order to even think about long trips anymore. The venue is important, too. I wouldn't be thrilled about traveling long distance to do something that can be done in CT/NY. The venue needs to have a specific reason to play there and not elsewhere.
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Re: What Level Of Weaponry Is Worth Using

Post by marauder » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:26 am

I would go to everything other than Nerf only and squirt pistols. Being over the age of 9 and playing with either of those is a massive faux pas.

*Edit* If you include classic soakers in pinch triggers I would go, but only if a lot of people were using those, because I would feel really dumb running around with a 100 mk2 after someone with a dollar tree pistol.
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