Super Soaker Iron Man 2 (IM2) Blaster

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Super Soaker Iron Man 2 (IM2) Blaster

Post by isoaker » Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:35 am


1 Introduction
2 General Information
3 Trivia
3.1 Reviews:

[edit] Introduction

The Iron Man 2 Blaster was a water blaster released in 2010 by Super Soaker. It is in many ways a repaint of the 2007 Arctic Blast.
[edit] General Information

The Iron Man 2 Blaster has a shell that is identical to the Arctic Blast in shape. It is primarily a dark red, with a greenish yellow pressure chamber casing. The nozzle area, pump cap and pump handle are blaze orange. the square pump rod is grey. The words "Super Soaker" appear in black, raised slightly from the surface. There is also a sticker on the pressure chamber case that has the words "Stark Industries".

[edit] Trivia

While essentially a repaint of the Arctic Blast, the Iron Man 2 Blaster is assumed to have a pull valve as opposed to a ball valve, due to the fact that the characteristic clicking of the Max-D ball valve mechanism cannot be heard.
The Iron Man 2 Blaster, along with the Marvel Heroes Pack and Super Soaker Transformers Universe Bumblebee, were not labeled as Nerf Super Soaker as the other blasters 2010 were.
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