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Post by scorpion » Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:13 pm

does any one think this will be any good?

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Post by HBWW » Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:37 pm

Only shoots 30 ft and don't see the pump nor where the PC would be. (doesn't look like a hose-powered blaster either) We'll have to see...
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Post by isoaker » Mon Feb 05, 2007 7:08 pm

I think that one is piston-based; extend and contract the nozzle-grip area. I've seen that thing before, but didn't know where it could be purchased. I don't suspect particularly high performance from it, but I'm sure it'd be fun for smaller children to use simply for the fact it can squirt water easily.

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Post by WaterWolf » Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:06 pm

I doubt it, with only 9m range and a company that has had no past experience with building soakers.
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Post by SilentGuy » Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:35 pm

Experience probably isn't too big of an issue. They'll have tested their products anyway. In fact, a bigger problem is probably older companies cutting quality to earn a larger profit, or cutting performance because of demand/the lack thereof.

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