Duke Soakem Measurements

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Duke Soakem Measurements

Post by Impending Flood » Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:22 am

Well, I'm not sure where to put this but here goes. After taking a look at the website, I've noticed that his measurements seem different to iSoaker's and aquanexus'. For a start, his CPS 2500 and 2000 PC measurements are a lot smaller than the measurements taken by isoaker (~588 and 682ml respectively). The same applies to the other CPS blasters such as the 2100 (520ml) and the 1500 (830ml) whilst the Monster X has an extra 50-100ml. Ranges, reservoir volumes and pump volumes also differ, some being 10+mls more than the measurements taken by other websites.

Which set of measurements would you guys say to be more accurate? And is it really possible to have such large differences or did someone measure their stats differently?

Btw, duke soakem's youtube channel (a few weeks now) appears to have been removed. Does anyone have a clue as to why this has happened?
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Re: Duke Soakem Measurements

Post by cantab » Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:55 am

For CPS blasters, maybe he forgot to pump, shoot, and pump again to clear the air out of the bladder.

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Re: Duke Soakem Measurements

Post by marauder » Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:03 am

As far as capacity and PC capacity goes I definitely trust isoaker and Aquanexus. Those 2 are always very close in #s. I figure that the higher # given is the amount the reservoir/chamber actually holds, and the lower number is the more usable # of oz/ml. There is usually a little bit of water left over. I would have to look more in depth at Duke Soak 'Em to see how his varies, but like I said, I trust iSoaker/Aquanexus.

Now, as for output. Output is a bit more difficult to measure due to a variety of reasons. If one measures the output by firing chamber capacity/shot time then one misses out on the fact that output, even among CPS guns, decreases after the first ~sec worth of shot time. Measuring output by firing 1 sec worth of water into a container while using a stop watch is also difficult because you have to pay attention to the stop watch and the blaster, and pressing the stop watch and releasing the trigger at the same time is a lot more difficult than it seems. Furthermore, once one finds an accurate way, or becomes accurate with one of the above methods, age of blaster/wear on blaster/and other variables can account for variation in the amount of water released per second.

The way I measure output is by firing a weapon into a tall measuring container (with a small 1inch hole in the top where I put the nozzle). I release the trigger at what I estimate to be 1 second. I film the shot time using my camera. I do this about 10x at least and record the amount of water in the measuring container each time. Then I take the film to the computer and use movie maker to clip the start time of the film from the millisecond the water leaves my nozzle. Then I delete all the film clips that are not .99-1.01 seconds. Once I have 3 - 5 ~1 sec clips I divide each output by its shot time. Then I take the average to 2 decimal points, and that's my recorded output. It's insanely meticulous, but it's the most accurate way I've found to do it.

Example: Take 10 shots. Put on computer. Clip beginnings. Clip ends. 3 movie clips are 0.9-1.1 seconds. Divide recorded output by shot time:
blast with 6 oz/0.99 sec = 6.06 oz/sec. 6 oz/1 sec = 6 oz/sec 6.4 oz/1.1 sec = 5.82 oz/sec
Take average output: (6.06 + 6 + 5.82/3) = 5.96 oz/sec

As for range, and I know this wasn't part of the original question, but while we're on subject, range is one of the least commonly recorded statistics that we have. I think that this is a shame, because, to me, range is the most important quality a gun can have. I wanted to find combat max range (how far away can I hit someone from) and I've come up with a really good system that I will reveal later this month. I have got my hands on multiple copies of the same soakers (ideally 3 in new or good condition) and tested their ranges, and I'll be releasing my findings in a few weeks.
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Re: Duke Soakem Measurements

Post by isoaker » Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:09 pm

When it comes to stats, take any measurement with a grain of salt. All stats I measure are typically only on a single sample of a certain model of blaster. As we know, there can be variability between batches from place to place and from year to year for blasters of the same model. We have even less info about whether blasters shipped to different countries may vary as well.

For even simpler things like measuring volumes, numbers on can get really depend on how one actually makes the measurements and what tools one has to do volume measuring. I detail how I do the various statistics measurements for iSoaker.com on the Statistics page.

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