Hands-On: Water Warriors Ultimate Renegade

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Hands-On: Water Warriors Ultimate Renegade

Post by isoaker » Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:59 pm

The Water Warriors Ultimate Renegade is the "Ultimate" version of the original Water Warriors Renegade. With similar styling and colours, the Ultimate Renegade performs decently, but can be combined with other blasters in the Ultimate Water Warriors series to create a more potent soaking machine. The Ultimate Renegade has less capacity and a little less power than the original, though, partly due to its smaller overall frame (total dimensions seem similar, but the Ultimate Renegade is notable thinner and generally shorter than the the original: see Renegade Comparison.

Nevertheless, I'm content with its performance, though they probably could have given it a bit more capacity and power by slightly increasing the diameters of both the PC and the reservoir.

Review posted, but range testing still needs to be done; waiting for snow to melt.

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