Hands-On: Water Warriors Ultimate Outlaw

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Hands-On: Water Warriors Ultimate Outlaw

Post by isoaker » Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:43 pm

The Water Warriors Ultimate Outlaw is a smaller, "Ultimate" version of the Water Warriors Equalizer. While having a smaller frame and reservoir capacity, it seems like this blaster has a slightly better kick than the Equalizer. This may in part be due to the use of a pull valve as opposed to ball valves.

Apart from that, this blaster feels quite solid and its smaller frame makes it easier to wield single-handedly. One minor complaint is that the reservoir cap ended up being harder to take off than it was to tighten; the tighter space because of the cap's position makes it a little trickier to get a good grip on the cap. Of course, I do prefer the refill cap being on the side since it would allow the Ultimate Outlaw to be refilled even when still attached to other Ultimate Water Warriors blasters.

More info to come soon...

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