Merging / Linking Related Water Gun / Blaster Threads

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Merging / Linking Related Water Gun / Blaster Threads

Post by isoaker » Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:00 am

In the process of cleaning up the Product Discussions forum, I've decided to either merge related threads or, if different members have posted a review of the same model of water blaster, selecting one (most popular, most informative, or first thread) as the primary discussion thread and locking the related threads and included a link in those threads to the primary discussion thread. The idea here is to try to have all the discussions of a particular water blaster model in the same place. As well, once I have marked a thread to be used to primary discussion, that becomes the thread that the corresponding review page on will link to.

This merging/relinking business is going to take some time and I may miss the odd thread here are there, but hopefully I'll manage to find the majority of the related threads and link/merge them accordingly.

The other benefit to this process is that I'm finding that some of the threads that were originally imported are not indexed properly due to the way the thread titles were brought over. By editing the threads, I am able to repair titles and make it easier for bots and search engines to locate the information on these forums.

Edit: Oh, what I forgot to say is that if you wish to push up your own review on a blaster that already has a primary thread, go ahead and make a new thread to house your review. Optimally, members should also include a link to the primary thread, but in either case, reviews do deserve their own thread, but the thread will end up locked and linked to the primary discussion thread. Hope that makes sense.

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