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Discussions of all varieties of stock water guns and water blasters.
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About the Product Discussions Forum

Post by isoaker » Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:26 am

The Product Discussions forum contains a number of sub-forums, each containing threads with links to items in the iSoaker.com Product Database. These threads are for use to discuss the various reviews, adding in personal thoughts, reviews, etc. on particular items. Please see this thread if you find any mistakes and/or omissions in the existing database.

If you wish to submit a review for inclusion in iSoaker.com, please see the iSoaker.com Submissions page for more information or use the iSoaker.com Online Review Submission Form

If you have interesting concepts you would like to freely share with the community, use the Water Gun / Water Blaster Concepts & Suggestions thread.

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