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Post by Hyperion330 » Mon Apr 11, 2005 7:14 pm

If the largest nozzle starts losing power, I guess output increases would have to be paired with a colossus. Oh well...
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Post by isoaker » Mon Apr 11, 2005 8:02 pm

cooldood31 wrote:Four and a half liter firing chamber. I know a couple (dozon) people who may want one (or two) of these.
Well, I should note that that number may be a little variable depending on how hard one is willing to pump. The latter pumps when filling the PC get much more demanding. I may have been able to squeeze in more water if I tried as well. I didn't actually ever reach a point where I could hear any over-pressure valve releasing pressure (though things were getting a little too hard to pump for my liking, thus I opted to stop as oppose to force it and potentially do damage either to the soaker or to me :goofy:).

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