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James G.
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SpyraGO Released

Post by James G. » Fri Jun 07, 2024 4:21 pm

The Verge gives a good rundown of this new 'lite' option.

• It can be refilled by traditional means, making it viable when you don't have a water refilling station.
• It can fire more shots total than other Spyra blasters, and it has a faster fire rate.
• The battery life is longer than previous Spyras.

• It's 'far less' powerful than the Spyra 3, and for that matter, most competition. Their claim is for 18 feet regular, and a max of 26 feet angled.
• Each shot only contains 6 mL of water, a fifth of the 3's output.
• While cheaper than other Spyras, it's still expensive, at $55.

I want to commend Spyra for doing the right thing with the refill option, but the value isn't in proportion to the price, when Water Warriors sells Steady Streams at $10 a blaster. Even Zuru's Nano Fast Fills, which are squirt guns, should be competitive, since they're at least advertised to hit a max of 30 feet. Unless you're a huge Spyra fan and collector, I think this one has to be a pass.

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Re: SpyraGO Released

Post by SSCBen » Sun Jun 09, 2024 12:28 pm

Interesting, I hadn't heard about this. I assumed it was the same as the SpyraLX when I first saw the topic.

The range is particularly disappointing. I think typically more water is needed to get good range.

There was an interesting series of tests by iSoaker over a decade ago where he looked into what various amounts of water looked like on a shirt. 5 mL is larger on a shirt than I would have expected, but perhaps not enough for good range.


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