2021 Adventure Force Soakers - Including a Pressurized One!

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2021 Adventure Force Soakers - Including a Pressurized One!

Post by Buffdaddy » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:22 am

I spent the weekend searching and discovering most of the actual new things. Of note are these two: the Hydro Burst, and the Electro Surge. The latter, just because it's been forever since I've seen an electric one, not due to performance (mine actually didn't work, and I'll be returning it to try another one).

The Hydro Burst, however, is a fun item for $15.


So far, it all holds true, even if you're not getting too much out at that 35' mark. Same for tank capacity. From testing, it's about 100mL per shot. In terms of behavior, because it's a spring used for power and has a wide flow, it seems more like soaking a straight line out in front of you. Still useful, and still gets you really wet up close. But don't expect a nice stream gracefully making its way toward the target.

Also, you're priming in both directions! Thus the importance of the pump handle shape.

Internally, think of it as a cross between the Buzz Bee Water Warriors Drench Force soakers and the Splat Blaster (yeah, that one was lever-action, but still same principle of priming a spring-powered piston and sucking in water at the same time). Basically a Nerf gun for water.

The odd thing, however, is how it does it.


The pump handle directly acts on the plunger, pulling it back all the way to the sear. However, it also, through those linkages, moves the spring rest a bit as well. So the initial motion pulls in all the water, but only partly compresses the spring.

On the return, the spring rest then moves forward that little bit, and uses the entire forward motion of the pump to finish compressing the spring. Quite a clever way of making tougher springs still usable by kids.

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Re: 2021 Adventure Force Soakers - Including a Pressurized One!

Post by SSCBen » Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:54 am

Thanks for posting. That spring mechanism is quite interesting, and a good way to reduce the pumping force. Almost reminds me of the proposals to use telescopic tubes of progressively smaller diameter to reduce the pumping force as pressure gets higher (I believe there are some existing e.g. bike pumps that do that), though the latter would perhaps be too complex to manufacture given the price.

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Re: 2021 Adventure Force Soakers - Including a Pressurized One!

Post by Drenchenator » Wed Feb 03, 2021 9:09 pm

That's an interesting pump design. I remember looking at the idea of pumping water in both directions a long time around but I concluded that it was not worth the additional complexity. Nonetheless I must admit that this gun has a creative solution to that problem. I wonder how easily this would break, though, given all the moving parts, but I still am impressed with the idea behind it.
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Re: 2021 Adventure Force Soakers - Including a Pressurized One!

Post by marauder » Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:46 pm

Wow, that is a new idea. So, it is easier to pump? Not that that's really an issue for us here.
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Re: 2021 Adventure Force Soakers - Including a Pressurized One!

Post by CDMT » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:23 am

The Adventure Force water gun is as easy to pump as a Nerf Shot Blast but with a slightly better blast. Unfortunately you are only able to pump it once back and forth to build up pressure. I bought one and had it delivered. It is a low power water gun, but fun in that you rack it once like a shotgun and then blast. But I used it most indoors to spritz coworkers. Even after it unable to shoot a solid blast and essentially is out of water, it can shoot a little spritz of water like a weak spray bottle but with much more force. So it's perfect to surprise people with, without getting them all wet.

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