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Water warfare game types, ideas, rules, organization, etc.
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HBWW Gametypes Listing

Post by HBWW » Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:45 pm

This thread will be for listing, documenting, and updating some of the various gametypes I've come up with over the years.

I'll start by getting Soakn' Destroy and The Magic Hammer (originally called The Magic Flag) off the wiki.

Soak n' Destroy
  • Overall Game Objective(s) :: Elimination (optional), score higher on Special Objectives than opposing teams.
  • Number of Players | DistributionNumber of Players / Participants :: At least 4 players
  • Distribution :: Equal # of players per team; 2 teams preferred but any even number of teams is acceptable.    
  • Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring MethodHit / Scoring Mode :: Hit-Based, Infinite Lives/Objective-Completion Scoring; Elimination also possible.
  • Hit / Scoring Method :: Any
  • Time Limit :: 3:30 per round (single-sided variation); at least 5:00 per round or undefined (multi-sided variation)
  • Battle / Playing Field Size | Specific EnvironmentBattle/Playing Field Size :: At least 1/2 an acre; requires one (single-sided variation) or two (multi-sided variation) bases; anywhere with objects to facilitate refilling and that holds a team's spawn and objective.
  • Specific Environment :: Any
  • End Game :: Requires tiebreaker in some cases
  • Special Requirements :: Special Equipment required for most Objectives
  • Specific Details and Rules ::
Soakn' Destroy is an assault-style team game that can be played with a wide variety of objective types, as outlined in the Special Objectives Listing. For simplicity's sake, each team must have the same type of objective (no objective mixing, only one type), number of objectives, and similar/symmetrical objective placement for multi-sided games. Each team's objective must also be placed near their spawn points, which also must have similar/symmetrical placement.

From the Special Objectives Listing, one of the following objectives may be used for Soakn' Destroy:
  • Arrival Target
  • Attack Target
  • Container Target
  • Hanging Target
  • Ball and Container
  • Bomb and Target
The Bomb and Target is the classic Soakn' Destroy objective, but the Ball and Container and other objectives may be preferable.

Single-Sided Soakn' Destroy: Within the specified time limit, the Offense team must complete the objective within the specified time limit. Teams alternate Defense and Offense roles and each game counts as two rounds. This game may be broken off into alliances where each alliance rotates around so that in the end, the Offense and Defense teams get mixed up.

Multi-Sided Soakn' Destroy: Each team posseses their own set of objectives, so that the overall objective balance is symmetrical i.e. if using the Bomb and Target, each team must have the same number of Targets placed in a similar number, and each team must get the same number of Bombs, or the Bomb(s) may be designated as neutral and placed in the middle of the field instead of at a team's base.


The Magic Hammer
  • Overall Game Objective(s) :: Eliminate opposing team and/or capture their Magic Hammer
  • Number of Players | DistributionNumber of Players / Participants :: At least 6 players
  • Distribution :: 2 teams with equal number of players per team.   
  • Hit / Scoring Mode | Recommended Hit / Scoring MethodHit / Scoring Mode :: Hit-Based, Freeze or Eliminate
  • Hit / Scoring Method :: Any
  • Time Limit :: Undefined; recommend at least 10:00
  • Battle / Playing Field Size | Specific EnvironmentBattle/Playing Field Size :: At least 1/2 an acre
  • Specific Environment :: Any
  • End Game :: None
  • Special Requirements :: Equipment required to represent the Magic Hammer
  • Specific Details and Rules ::
The Magic Hammer is a team based elimination or capture game. Each team has a Magic Hammer which they may carry, drop, pass, or throw at any time, and both teams begin at pre-designated starting points. When a player is hit, he/she is considered downed and may not attack. (Optionally, they may move and crawl, or they must remain in place, depending on game rules.) The downed player may then be revived by touching a Hammer being carried by a teammate (who may not attach while reviving) and counting to 5-apple. The downed player may also be executed (eliminated permanently from the round) instantly if an opponent tags him/her with a Hammer .

Players who are hit while carrying a Hammer must drop it and may only be revived if a teammate has a Hammer (or picks it up) to revive him/her. Downed players may not move dropped Hammers if they're allowed to move at all. Each team may use either Hammer as if it were their own regardless of who started out with ownership of said Hammer .

To win, a member of your team must be carrying both Magic Hammer simultaneously, or all opponents must be downed and/or executed.
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