Urban Warfare

Water warfare game types, ideas, rules, organization, etc.
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Urban Warfare

Post by marauder » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:04 am

I have had a month off of waterwarfare, just working and having time to think about things. I spent the past 3 days clearing buildings with paintball guns. I realized that we're missing out on an entire new world of battling. Urban Warfare.

I'm not talking about running around the yard, hiding behind sheds and building corners. I'm talking about having buildings that you can actually go into, where people are hiding. The type of gameplay I have in mind should appeal to water warriors of all types: tacticians, tech-heads, powerjunkies, stealth ninjas.

I have one good game idea on hand. Feel free to help polish it up, or propose other urban war games.

HVT Assassination
High Value Target Assassination involves 2 teams, 1 defensive, 1 offensive. The offensive team must find and eliminate an HVT within X minutes. If the HVT is assassinated then the offensive team wins. If the HVT is not assassinated in X minutes, the defensive team wins. This is quite similar to the Protect/Kill the President that was up on a lot of early Water Warfare sites. I have played Protect/Kill the President 1 or 2 times before, and the problem was that, even in the woods, once you spot a large group of individuals you are highly likely to have found your target. When the environment is a warehouse/dorm buildings/whatever you are less likely to have this problem as there are more places to hide, rooms to clear, etc.

I played this with paintball and it was awesome. With that being said, all of the paintball guns we used were incredibly similar - we don't have that problem. Super powerful CPS weapons would be advantageous for shooting down long hallways, or out windows; but they would be bulky and awkward for rounding corners and crawling through tight spaces. Spray nozzles and shotguns types, like the Helix, would be useful in short room situations. Pistols could be easily concealed and used in most situations. We have a plethora of options available to us that should appeal to everyone - and if you don't like running to a far away respawn point, or sitting out for a long time after being eliminated you won't have that problem either.

Our 1 main problem would be battle locations - which is where the Battlegrounds subforum could be useful. I have a few ideas. If you have permission to (or feel like risking it), fighting in an under construction housing development can be awesome. I have a video of me and my cousins doing this somewhere, it may be online. Another option is college buildings. I have never been yelled at for carying a water gun around campus, but then again there are a lot of buildings that I never risked fighting in. You may have to go with pistols only in some buildings. An old warehouse would be a really awesome place to fight in. If you live in Brockport, NY there is a half burned down soap factory that would be a great battle location. In Niagra, NY there is an abandoned boarding school with extensive halls, small rooms, etc. that would be ideal. I would put these on the Battlegrounds subforum but I don't have the addresses and the pictures I have don't do it justice.

Point is, this is A LOT of fun, and I want to encourage community involvement in brainstorming game ideas, testing them out - and hopefully implementing them in next year's Community Water War.
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Re: Urban Warfare

Post by atvan » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:27 am

My school would be epic, but the adminstrators would freak. Plus, the library would be an awesome place to fight, but there are obvious problems with that. There is a place neer me that is a lame CQB for nerf and airsoft, but it might work better for WW, but it is a concretefloor and they don't want people slipping, I guess, even with waivers. My house would be epic too. The key is to find a building that is not just long hallways, but has overhanging ledges and interconnected rooms.
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Re: Urban Warfare

Post by HBWW » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:39 pm

A good alternative to limiting the attacking team's time would be limiting their number of lives, counting that number for the whole team instead of by individual.
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Re: Urban Warfare

Post by isoaker » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:16 am

This type of environment was definitely discussed in the good ol' Ultimate Battlegrounds thread.

The biggest challenges as noted already is finding a place that can be used. Most indoor places either are off limits to large-scale water wars or may have too many hazards to be considered safe. If I ever got enough money together, I'd put together an indoor water war arena with a mix of buildings and some fields with scattered areas that can be used for cover.

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