Hold the Line [UPDATE]

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Hold the Line [UPDATE]

Post by SEAL » Tue May 03, 2011 12:02 pm

Alright, some of you may know my "Hold the Line" game. Well, I submitted it to iSoaker.com (It's on the wiki now.), but I've never been particulary fond of the rules and discription of the game that I wrote. So I'm giving it an update, so it will now match my original idea of the game.


Hold the Line

Overall Game Objective(s): Take over the defending team's base before the time runs out! (Offense) / Hold the line! Stop the offensive team from taking over your base! (Defense)

Number of Players / Participants: Any

Distribution: Equal or lopsided

Hit / Scoring Mode: Hit-Based, Infinite Lives/Objective-Completion Scoring (Offense) / Hit-Based, Elimination (Defense)

Hit / Scoring Method: Any

Time Limit: The more people, the higher the limit (About 10-15 minutes for 6vs6)

Battle / Playing Field Size: No bigger than 10,000 square feet, no smaller than 1,000 square feet (Roughly)

Specific Environment: Any

Special Requirements: A flag or similar object

Specific Details and Rules:
There's an offensive team an a defensive team. Each team has it's own rules and objective.

Offensive Team:
Each player on the offensive team carries with him/her a flag (Or a similar object). The idea is to plant the flag (Or similar object), in the middle of the defending team's base before the time runs out. The offensive team players cannot be eliminated; Upon getting hit, an offense player must go back to a specified spawn point, where he/she must wait for a specific amount of time before re-entering the battlefield. The offensive team wins when one of the flags (Or similar objects) is placed in a certain area in the middle of the defending team's base, or when all defensive players have been eliminated.

Defensive Team:
The defensive team's job is simple; Keep the offensive team from planting their flags (Or similar objects) in a specified area inside their base. The defensive players have no lives; They are eliminated from the game after one hit. The defensive team wins when the time runs out, and there is at least 1 defending player remaining.


There you have it. iSoaker, if it's not too much trouble, could you please post the bolded part in place of the current HTL rules?
I'd really like to try this game out during the community war if possible, since I don't have enough people to try it on my own.
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Re: Hold the Line [UPDATE]

Post by HBWW » Wed May 04, 2011 1:00 pm

The specified objective is like single-sided CTF but with swapped flag/capture point locations. Since there are no specifications on planting duration, I assume flags are virtually instantaneously planted. Depending on how things are setup, this objective type may be better than the previous objective (destroy target), but that should be a variable left up to the team. (One problem why I don't like the way the iSn wiki is being setup; it goes more for a game listing instead of a gametype family listing.) In either case, I need to re-think how I name my own games and how they relate to the objectives used, as this whole target vs flag vs bomb thing (objective type) along with placement is getting to be a mess. (i.e. Lay out flag and capture points and you have standard CTF; reverse their positions and you have a completely different assault game. Perhaps I should restrict the specification of the Flag objective so that the Flag start point is the same spot as the team's capture point and call it one object, instead of separating them, but that limits options.)
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Re: Hold the Line [UPDATE]

Post by marauder » Tue May 17, 2011 2:03 am

Sounds like fun. We would need some type of field and a good bit of time to try it out. Would be fun with medium sized blasters.
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