The HBWW method for marking and representing objectives

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The HBWW method for marking and representing objectives

Post by HBWW » Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:24 pm

Objectives should be distinguished by clear objects when possible. In CTF, cloths and actual flags are ideal for flags (they are difficult to throw), but the capture points should also be marked. In Soakn' Destroy (assault), bombs are marked by bottles, or if the bomb does not need to hold water, something like an Oozinator canister can be used. In conquest, each objective also needs something that will denote its state of being captured or neutral.

At HBWW, I not only have numerous water bottles and containers, I have several varieties, along with other objects that can be used to signify different objectives. The bottle types:
- Ice Mountain .5L (new, environmental friendly)
- Ice Mountain, .5L (old)
- Aquafina .5L (not sure how "up-to-date")
- Dasani .5L (also not sure how old; I also have a .7L variation)
- Sprite .3L
- Sprite/Sierra Mist 2L
- Kirkland water ~.296L
- Ice Mountain ~.296L
- Tropicana Orange Juice containers (I never saved any cartons though)
- Mott's Apple Juice containers, various capacities
- Pringles' cans, few variations
- Buckets
- Clothspins and construction paper pieces
- Toilet Paper
- Paper Towel
- Timers: two water-resistant watches with built in timers/stopwatches, and an hourglass
- Two cloths, but same color

Objectives and Game Objects to be represented:
- CTF Flag
- CTF Flag Spawn Marker
- CTF Capture Point (May be combined with Spawn Marker)
- S&D Objective
- S&D Bomb (bombs are not necessary for S&D; it can be played with just blasters to attack objectives)
- S&D Bomb Spawn Marker
- Conquest/Territories Objective
- Respawn Point
- Safe Zone

For flags, I actually lack colored cloths for them, so I currently use a red and green pringles can. However, the cans are getting busted up badly and I should switch to cloths since they cannot be thrown easily. For capture points, buckets are used, and they also serve as flag spawn markers.

We haven't played as much S&D and no Conquest/Territories at all. For S&D, a huge variety of options are possible depending on how you want to setup the game. Buckets make a good objective if the goal is to fill them up with water blasters, or paper towels/toilet paper can be used. The Oozinator canister and special bottles have been used before to signify the bomb.

On Conquest, if the game is single-sided, it can be played just like S&D where the attacking team must fill up various water containers around the map. The main difference is that each point is a lot less defensible. However, it is the only difference, so I should probably break off S&D to involve games that require the bomb.

Respawn Points: Water bottles or containers are always used to mark them, along with a watch at each spawn point to control the timing of when players may spawn.

Safe Zones are never used, but like respawn points, they may be designated as a small area instead of just a point. In this case, when an area should be marked, its boundaries must be mentioned verbally, or chalk may be used to draw an area. (Only works on pavement; for grass/dirt, spraying is needed.)

Most objective points that must stay still should use filled water containers, so that the wind does not knock them over. Buckets turned upside down also work well against the wind's effects.

More to come later. Be creative and find what works best for your games.
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