Recommended 30 min to 1 hour Organized Water Warfare Games

Water warfare game types, ideas, rules, organization, etc.
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Recommended 30 min to 1 hour Organized Water Warfare Games

Post by isoaker » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:23 pm

Ok, the point of this thread is simple in theory, but potentially complex and interesting if more thought is given.

The request: What organized water warfare games do you or would you recommend for others to try which can be completed within 30 minutes to 1 hours total duration?

The time limit does prevent some more epic-sized, epic-length games, but then again, time limits also force participants to take more chances and have more frequent engagements with their opponents.

Feel free to recommend games from the Water War Games section or outline your own variant of a common game or even describe a new one! The possibilities are endless, but these game ideas should help others decide what to play when they are unsure of what to try.

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Re: Recommended 30 min to 1 hour Organized Water Warfare Games

Post by HBWW » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:50 pm

I still look to FPS games for WW game inspiration, and the latest thought I've had is with Invasion, a gametype in Halo Reach inspired by many previous games, such as a similar objective based game in Battlefield Bad Company 2. The basic premise is that there is an assaulting and defending team, and the match takes place on a medium to large battlefield. There are usually 2 stages the assault team must complete within a time limit, such as shutting down objectives, planting bombs, capturing territories, etc. then the last stage becomes the moment of truth; the assault team must complete one final objective (such as CTF) in order to win the entire game. One important aspect of this game is that the battlefield boundaries shift as the assault team completes objectives. The second stage of assault may take place at a location off-limits to the first stage, and same goes for the final stage. If the defense team runs the timer out at any stage, the game ends.

The two teams take turns between assault and defense, scoring one point for each objective they complete. At the end of two games, the team with the most points wins, or both teams tie and a tiebreaker can be implemented.

How would this work in water warfare? It would take very specific planning and battlefield implementations. I can't confidently say that it would work well in water wars, but I think it may be worth a try if the situation allows for it.
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