Need a new "primary" gametype

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Need a new "primary" gametype

Post by HBWW » Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:09 pm

1HK elimination may eventually be taken out of our "playlist" sometime or at least pulled out less often, since, as DX noted, is "one of the worst and most boring of the 1HK family". With that said, I'm curious to the primary game rules that DX and the RM/waterbridge were using. I'm not exactly sure how they run 1HS, keep track of kills, etc.

I'm looking into different spawning methods. Upon spawn, a tally is to be marked to keep score, and for the spawn timing system, I thought of having players wait in time intervals. An example would be every 2 minutes, meaning that each spawn point has a clock, and players spawn when the clock hits 2 minutes. They can choose to spawn after but not before. That way, players will spawn in groups. Players inside a spawn point are invulnerable to reduce spawn camping. With this method, as opposed to spawning as soon as you reach the point, more emphasis is put on "luck" as opposed to how soon the player makes it back. Players will also spawn together, keeping the team organized. Also, players do not have to sit and count long amounts of time. The interval can be modified easily, but the range of intervals may be limited to muiltiples of 60. For example, 7 minute intervals may not work. (but then again, 7 min is very long and way too long for any game I can imagine)

Then there's all the twists that are put on the game variants, such as CTF. Then there's our other games like zombies. But this is for the big, main one that's played the most often.
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Re: Need a new "primary" gametype

Post by DX » Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:52 pm

The actual rules were once posted somewhere. Standard OHS was our primary gametype a year before we even realized that there was such a thing as OHS. We were still calling it "OHK Lives" until the 2005 season.

Basically for a bare bones version:

- War consisted of 1 round lasting 2-3 hours in the standard version.
- Highest score at time up won, score and kills had to match up in the standard version.
- Verbal score was kept in-game. Score updates were shouted back and forth if there was a lot of action at once. At the end of an engagement, the game was sometimes paused to work out disputes and/or make sure everyone knew the score.
- Kills could be made 2 ways - direct hit [level shots] or fist-sized splotch [angled shots]. Although Ridgewood is associated with the fist-sized thing, direct hits were actually a lot more common and could be of any size, therefore a player with a pistol still had a chance. Shooter called the hit, shooter was required to physically see the hit hit the enemy or have a witness. Although not in the formal ruleset, in the case of a really unclear dispute, the players involved could either mutually call it off or fight a quick 1v1 duel to make a decision.
- Respawning was, ironically, exactly what you mentioned you want to try: 2 minute time interval. But it was on the spot of death, no spawn points, and the 2 min started immediately upon death. Gun held up in the air identified a player temporarily out. Once the 2 min was up, a player had to clear in away from direct action, in neutral or friendly-controlled areas [therefore a respawning player could move and shadow their team until cleared]. Players clearing in were protected by 10 seconds or 100ft breathing room, depending on which was more practical.

The other type of OHS used was Scenario, usually a series of Attack/Defend battles with 15 min time limits and varying amounts of lives [usually unlimited for the offense and as low as 1 for the defense]. Winning a scenario accrued score while kills did not. Tougher/more important scenarios awarded higher scores. Some scenarios did not require wiping out the defenders - hill battles often were won by the offense if the defense was swept off the hill.
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