My Capture the Flag Rules

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My Capture the Flag Rules

Post by teamfear » Mon May 25, 2009 9:07 pm

The people on my team have capture the flag games with our modified rules that make sure everyone is playing and your never sitting out. We play across our street using our lawn and neighbours lawns as cover. There are afew strategic points that are easy to fortify.

The Rules
1.The flag is at the end of each teams end and is clear visble.
2. There is no "no mans land"
3. If you are shot on your side of the feild you must make sure you are not within ten meters of the flag and count to 30 standing still.
4.If you are shot on the opposing teams side of the feild you must go and touch your flag to respawn.
5. If you have the flag and are shot you must drop it and go back to the respawn point .
6. You must get the flag across the middle line to win.
7. Teams may return their flag to the orignal spot if it is moved by the other team.

I like these rules becuase you are never waiting in jail and if you have a small amount of people, getting caught only temporaily hurts your team. I imploy tactics such as rushing around behind the enemy with three people. Two of these people flank, engage and supress the enemy while the third runs to the flag. It would also help to have someone run with them as i almost pulled off a first minute capture with this tactic but a player wheeled around and i took a shotgun blast to the chest.

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Re: My Capture the Flag Rules

Post by HBWW » Tue May 26, 2009 1:38 pm

I go more with the CTF of shooter games, where neither team owns the territory, and flags must be at home to score. (usually along with your own flag) Flags must be retrieved manually by the team who lost them. Flag carriers may or may not be allowed to shoot. (depending on what rules you want)

There are 2 general CTF games I've hosted. One is soakfest based, where only flag carriers who are hit need to drop the flag. (but do not respawn) The other, 1 hit kill based, uses the same hit rules as my other games. Players who are hit need to go respawn in a certain area.

Theres also the most unorganized type of CTF: pure soakfest. Teams can hide their flags and flag carriers don't have to drop. This was the first game I did.

Jails... They don't exist, never did, and never will. The idea of a jail is not even thought of on any of our CTF games since most people are familiar with how CTF works in shooters.
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