The 6 Cardinal Rules of the Soakfest

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The 6 Cardinal Rules of the Soakfest

Post by isoaker » Sun May 25, 2008 6:52 am

The Soakfest is one of those beautiful, pure, innocent, fun games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. That said, despite the apparent chaos involved during many-a-soakfest, there are a number of general rules that should always be followed both for the safety of its participants as well as to ensure no problems occurring in soakfests stil to come. Sure, these rules seems like common-sense to most, but it does not hurt to ensure participants know of them.

1. Choose an Appropriate Location - sure, it'd be nice to be able to have a soakfest anytime, any place, anywhere, but when reality sets in, some places are simply much more appropriate and able to withstand the full force of a soakfest more than others. Public parks, beaches, etc. are perfect venues while some other public squares and such can work, too. Office building lawns or school grounds may be alright depending on your area, but for non-public grounds, it may be a good idea to get approval from security before holding a soakfest there. Private properties can be used only with the permission of the owner while it is probably best to avoid government or military zones unless you happen to be part of that and get appropriate permission. Last thing you want is to be arrested for trespassing.

It is also best to choose locations that either do not have too many non-participants or that those who are typically in such an area would not be intimidated or threatened by the presence of an ongoing soakfest.

2. Respect the Participants - players are people, too. There should never be any aggressive or abusive physical contact between Players in a soakfest. Only water streams should be making contact. As well, if a Player appears injured, hurt, or even just overwhelmed from an onslaught of water, don't torture the individual and even call a local time-out to make sure a Player is okay before continuing. Soakfests should be fun for all participants; if any is not having fun, something has gone wrong.

3. Respect the Non-Participants - unfortunately, not everyone appreciates a good soaking, particularly if they are working, making deliveries, etc. While those who are not participating should respect your right to soak, you also should respect a non-participant's right not to be intentionally or unintentionally soaked as well. Soaking someone who did not agree to be soaked is actually an assault and you can be arrested and/or fined for it.

4. Nothing Toxic - depending on the scale and magnitude of the soakfest as well as depending on the numbers of known and less familiar individuals involved, there are times that less-than-optimal liquids may be used. While we at recommend only clean, clear, drinkable water, we also understand that some may find this requirement too strict and/or unnecessary. At the very least, whatever is used should be non-hazardous and non-toxic. Non-hazardous means no scalding hot or frost-bite cold liquids should be used nor anything chemically dangerous to people. Non-toxic means liquids used should have no dangerous levels of poisons, etc. Soakfests are for soaking, not injuring others. As well, the cleaner and safer the liquid, the happier your water blaster will be after the battle as well.

5. Respect Property and the Environment - in the thrill of the battle, enjoy the blasting action, but be weary and minimize your impact on the area's environment. Do not willfully damage what is not your and avoid unintentionally wrecking private or public property. Respect your and other's property and equipment and clean-up after yourself once the war is through.

Blasting away on public lawns or in the woods is great, but blaster and damaging public gardens (i.e. trampling flowers, breaking tree branches, etc) is not cool and is vandalism. Soakfests are the perfect opportunity to show others the joys people can have hosing each other down with loads of water. Please avoid ruining this image by leaving an area significantly damaged after the war is over.

6. Have a Blast! - in a soakfest, not only should you be soaking others, but you, yourself, should also get hosed from time to time. If you are dry at the end of a soakfest, you have not been a good part of it. While you may have a lot of fun hosing down others, be sure to also return that joy of soaking by letting others also soak you from time to time. If you are untouchable, your presence in the soakfest becomes boring.

Soak and be soaked! Spread the water and spread the joy! Most of all, Leave NO one dry! (including yourself) in a soakfest!

Soak on!

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Re: The 6 Cardinal Rules of the Soakfest

Post by HBWW » Mon May 26, 2008 12:05 pm

Cardinal... More like common sense. =p

I was going to say, if anyone's doing team-objective based soakfests, ignoring shots completely and charging through hoses and CPS's shouldn't be allowed, but that seems to be beside the point here.
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