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Official WWN League Gametype Information

Post by SEAL » Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:08 pm

Gametypes for Official WWN League Warfare

This thread will list out all the different types of games played in WWN wars. There are an infinite number of gametypes to choose from, but all of the popular ones fall into six main categories:

I. Deathmatch
II. Single-Sided Attack/Defend
III. Double-Sided Attack/Defend
IV. Capture Points
V. Human Objective
VI. Novelty

(Note: I'm not particularly satisfied with some of the names I chose for these categories; any suggestions are welcome.)

In each category, several gametypes will be listed. Versions of these have all been played successfully in WWN wars. So don't expect to see games like double-sided 1-flag CTF, or any unusual gametypes that may be listed in the Games forum.


I. Deathmatch Games

The most basic form of water warfare, where the only objective is to make hits on the opposition.

One Hit Kills
Other names: OHK, 1HK, Elimination

Each player gets one life. Once a player is hit, they are out of the game. The last team standing wins. Can be played with any player distribution, from two teams to a free-for-all.

Multi Hit Kills
Other names: XHK where X > 1

Same rules as 1HK but each player gets multiple lives. Commonly played as 3HK, 5HK, or 10HK. Once again, any team combination is possible.

One Hit Scores
Other names: OHS, 1HS

Players get an infinite number of lives. Instead of the winner being the last team standing, the winning team is the one that has the highest number of hits when the time is up. Typically only played with two teams. This is the WWN League standard gametype.

Multi Hit Scores
Other names: XHS, First to X (where X > 1)

The first team to achieve a predetermined number of hits wins the game. Can be played with any number of teams.

II. Single-Sided Attack/Defend Games

These games are asymmetric, and involve an attacking team and a defending team. The defending team typically occupies territory, while the attacking team must invade and complete an objective to win.

Hold the Line
Other names: HTL

The attackers get infinite lives, while the defenders get finite lives. Three (3) is the most common, but any number is possible. The attackers must eliminate all players on the defending team before the time limit expires.

Other names: 1-flag CTF, 1CTF, single-sided CTF, single-sided XCTF where X > 1, single-sided Soak 'n' Destroy, single-sided SnD

The defenders must protect one or more objects from the attacking team. The defenders can have either limited or unlimited lives, while the attackers are always unlimited. There can be any number of objects, which can be captured, shot, or otherwise tampered with by the offense. The defense wins if the time limit runs out before this occurs.

III. Double-Sided Attack/Defend Games

Many of these games are similar to the single-sided versions, except they are symmetric, so both teams have the same objective, and must play both offensively and defensively.

Other names: Capture the Flag, CTF, Standard CTF, XHK + CTF, Soak 'n' Destroy, SnD

Each team has an object at their base. When a team captures, shoots, or otherwise tampers with the opposing team's object, the game is over and that team wins. Players typically get infinite lives, but it can be done with limited lives. A time limit is optional.

Objective + Scoring
Other names: multi-flag CTF, XCTF where X > 2, OHS + CTF

Very similar to above, except that completing the objective does not result in the end of the game, but rather goes toward score. For example, CTF where the team with the most flags at the end wins. Or it can be combined with OHS, where flags are worth extra points.

IV. Capture Point Games

Games where there are multiple points to capture throughout the battlefield.

Other names: none

There are three (3) or more points on the field which can be controlled by either team. Teams must perform an action such as putting up a flag of their color in order to capture the point. Once all points have been captured by the same team, the game is over. Alternatively, points can be used as respawn locations, meaning that the game continues after all points have been captured by the same team, but the other team can no longer respawn after being hit. Infinite lives in all other occasions. Only done with two teams, however multiple teams are possible with enough players and relatively few capture points.

Other names: none

Similar to Outpost, except that points can only be captured in a specific order. Can be played as a single-sided game, where one team exclusively defends, and once a point is captured it cannot be recaptured. Also can be done symmetrically, where recaptures are possible. Again, the team that captures all points wins.

V. Human Objective Games

Games where a player is an objective. Namely VIP variants.

Other names: Standard VIP, double-sided VIP

Each team designates a player as a VIP. The other team must eliminate the VIP while protecting their own. If a VIP is hit, the game is over and his/her team loses. Alternatively, the team that loses their VIP can go into "sudden-death" mode, where they can no longer respawn.

VIP Escort
Other names: none

One team designates a player as a VIP, and must escort him/her to a location while the other team must prevent them from reaching that location and eliminate the VIP. The VIP may have to plant a flag or perform some kind of objective in order to secure victory. The game ends after a team completes their objective.

VIP Defense
Other names: single-sided VIP, Kill the President

Similar to VIP Escort, except that the VIP does not have any specific tasks. The VIP must simply be protected until the time limit runs out.

VI. Novelty Games

Games that are not necessarily competitive, and often played just for fun.

Other names: none

The most basic and well-known water warfare gametype. There are basically no rules other than soak people. To put a more competitive spin on it, whoever appears to be the most dry at the end can be declared the winner. Can also be played with teams.

Other names: Zombies, Humans vs. Zombies, HvZ

One or more players starts out as a zombie, and must turn everyone else into zombies by shooting them. Zombies are invincible, but may have a brief respawn period after being shot. Game ends when everyone becomes a zombie. A time limit can also be included to give the humans a chance to win.

Other names: Blob

Similar to Infection in that once a player is hit, they must join whoever hit them. Only in this game they can be turned back. Game ends when only one team remains. There can be any number of teams to start with, or even a free-for-all.


List is subject to revision. If a new gametype is tried and works well, it can be added to the list.
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