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League Member Point Tracking

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:31 pm
by isoaker
Points last updated: September 18th 2012

(Ensure all additional points are added before updating date field. Amending incorrectly added points, or adding missed points from before the listed date don't require the date field to be updated.)
[edit] Current Points

This table of 'prize' points is reset at the end of the year. The leader in this table receives a water blaster prior to point reset.

The Oncoming Storm 64
CA99 30
MartianShark 20
MrDude 12
Marauder 10
Nitro123PG 9
TacticalTyphoon 8
Duxburian 4
ScottTheWarrior 4
Andrew 2
Atvan 2

[edit] Total Points

This table of 'rank' points is not reset at the end of the year. Instead it rolls over year-on-year. The current 'rank' of the member is shown in the third column.

Points: Level:
The Oncoming Storm 64 Regular
CA99 30 Sophomore
MartianShark 20 Rookie
MrDude 12 Rookie
Marauder 10 Rookie
Nitro123PG 9 Rookie
TacticalTyphoon 8 Rookie
Duxburian 4 Rookie
ScottTheWarrior 4 Rookie
Andrew 2 Rookie
Atvan 2 Rookie
MrDude 2 Rookie

The system for scoring can be found here:
Scoring System