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Mod Kit

Post by isoaker » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:13 pm

Content from the WWn Wiki - originally developed by Martianshark and Andrew
This page isn't necessarily complete.

1 Introduction
2 Your Mod Kit
2.1 Pliers
2.2 Swiss Army Knife
2.3 Duct tape
2.4 Some 1/2" CPVC Pipe
2.5 Some 1/2" CPVC End Caps
2.6 Flexible Plastic Tubing Plus A Tubing Barb And A Clamp
2.7 Epoxy Putty

[edit] Introduction

A mod kit is a bag or box with some simple tools and materials to perform small modifications with. When attending a large water war, this can be useful to bring with you, so that you can do quick modifications to your teammates' water blasters.
[edit] Your Mod Kit

These are some of the items you should consider putting in your mod kit. This doesn't show everything that could be useful, and you may find some of the things listed to have no use. Not all of the items' possibilities are listed either. Be creative.
[edit] Pliers

Pliers have multiple purposes. Some of them will be described below. Needle nose pliers are best.
[edit] Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives also have multiple purposes.
[edit] Duct tape

Duct tape, as you know, has a million uses.
[edit] Some 1/2" CPVC Pipe

If you can't find this at your local hardware store, you can use PEX pipe instead. You should have this cut into sections of about 6 inches. The reason to carry this is mostly for Hydro Cannons. If someone on your team has one, you can cut out the screen on the nozzle with your knife, rip out any remaining pieces of screen with your pliers, and shove a piece of CPVC in. This narrows the burst of water, and allows it to shoot a further distance without spreading out too much.
[edit] Some 1/2" CPVC End Caps

Drill a differently sized hole into each one before putting it into your mod kit. You can put these on the end of the barrels of modded Hydro Cannons to make it fire a stream instead of a burst.
[edit] Flexible Plastic Tubing Plus A Tubing Barb And A Clamp

This is especially useful in navel wars. You can cut off the end piece of the intake tube of a water gun's reservoir using your knife. Then, connect the intake tube to the tubing. The end of the tube can be placed in a body of water so that water is sucked from it into the gun. This makes the gun itself lighter, and gives you an unlimited water supply. The modification is for the most part reversible.

Be aware that this will not work on pressurized reservoir water guns.
[edit] Epoxy Putty

Epoxy putty is great for making quick modifications, and for repairs such as stopping leaks or fixing a crack in the casing.
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