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Posted: Fri May 27, 2005 12:52 pm
by Wild Boys
I just got a brand new XP 310 from T.K.Maxx. YAY! I have not opened it yet, as it is going to be modified. I plan on drilling the nozzles bigger, making the pump stronger, putting balloons in the pressure tanks (XPS mod) and painting it. I just wanted to ask this. In Doom's Balloon PC and XPS article it says that if you are doing 20 balloons you should seal the chambers. Would I have to seal the chambers if I put 8-12 balloons in. Also, would the gun have a noticable increase in power and range if I put this amount in? Sorry if that question was a bit stupid but I just want to make sure so this all doesn't seem a waste of time. Finally for now, I don't want to sacrifice shot time too much so how badly would this amount of balloons affect it? Help would be very appreciated and would help me mod the gun quicker without doing it wrong. Thanks.

Opened the gun a bit ago and I like its performance. It is ready to modify.

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