Marauder's Yard

Recommended places across the globe to hold a water war / water fight.
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Marauder's Yard

Post by marauder » Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:31 pm

I edited an old map from Vermin War 7. The red represents areas that are off limits to us. My shed is directly behind my house, and my tree fort is behind that (closer to the creek). The terrain begins to slope down towards the creek once you get into the woods. It's not super steep, but it is a decent gradient. There is a culvert where the creek goes under the road. It's always fun to trap someone under there! You can get up onto my roof via the pear tree right where the porch begins/ends. Probably shoulda included that.


I wanted to go ahead and make this topic because it might help us plan the scenes we want to film on the first day of the war (FRI) since we'll be at my house.
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