FireFighters' Park, (Troy, MI)

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FireFighters' Park, (Troy, MI)

Post by HBWW » Wed May 11, 2011 12:45 pm

We had a water war in 2008 at this park, in the main disc golf area by the shelter. Foliage and cover are very sparse in that area, but we used it anyway since it had a refill station. The Rouge River is a key dividing point to the park and can be troublesome to cross without getting messy. If we have a war here again, we will make use of a larger, more remote area to the north with thicker foliage and possibly much better cover. Problem is, the Rouge is not exactly known for its cleanliness and is far too dirty to even swim in. Wouldn't want to put the same crap into a CPS 2000 unless you want to turn its internals into a bio lab. ... 4&t=h&z=17 ... orm=LMLTCC

Appearances are deceiving. On paper, the area we played in at the main shelter looks like a good spot, but is nothing more than playing in an open field with trees that pretend to be good cover.
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