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Selling, buying, shopping for and/or trading water blasters.
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Guns for Sale - Get em before they go to ebay

Post by martianshark » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:42 pm

Hello all, especially anyone who happens to recognize me. I'm selling a decent portion of my collection. This includes CPSs, older WW models, and a few more modern SSs. Some of them work fine. Others need simple repairs or maintenance that I just don't have time to do. Others are complete crap, in which case I'll throw it in for free with any order. Limit 1 freebie per order unless we work something else out (big order, haggling, etc).

So here's what I've got. Prices don't include shipping. Guns have some wear unless stated otherwise. Drive link to images: ... -bf6eyvCC3

Super Soaker CPS 1200 (repairs needed)
Firsthand (bought NIB). As you can see, the nozzle cover is crudely torn off. The problem is that the trigger valve is stuck open. Most likely a very easy fix, but also the screws are becoming close to being stripped.

Super Soaker CPS 2700 (maintenance needed)
This one works as it is last I checked, but it needs some work. The main problem is that many screws are missing. This includes screws holding the PC casing together, which causes it to expand in ways it shouldn't when fully pressurized. A combination of new screws and thin bolts/nuts is the answer in my opinion. You'll also notice that the pump handle isn't stock. It snapped, and I fixed it using a wooden dowel and reinforcing it with electrical tape. Quite a bit of wear, including drill holes from previous repairs and a cracked casing piece that you can see in the images.

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon
Works. The nozzle cover is removed, but I don't remember why I did that. The nozzle is fitted with a small piece of PEX pipe, which I believe improves lamination and range.

Super Soaker Sneak Attack
Piston guns may suck, but this is probably one of the more solid ones.

Super Soaker Max-D 3000
Trigger seems a little sticky but it works.

Super Soaker Max-D 3000 (riot nozzle)
I think I was originally trying to turn it into a nerf gun.
Free with any order

Super Soaker Thunderstorm
Chopped off the barrel and held the nozzle in place with duct tape to try to improve the delay between pulling the trigger and firing. It's improved, but it's still crap.
Free with any order

Super Soaker Bottle Blitz
This is borderline unusable. The pump very easily disconnects from the body.
Free with any order

Water Warriors Gorgon (AP) (repairs needed)
A very nice separate chamber blaster. Decent condition. Worked when last used. The only problem is that the pump shaft is snapped, as you can see from the pics. The smallest nozzle was drilled into the biggest one.

Water Warriors Vanquisher (repairs needed)
Partially disassembled. Decent condition. Was K-modded, but the bladder has since ruptured. My plan was to replace it with a small cylindrical bladder, but finding a spherical bladder would of course be ideal. Other than the missing bladder, it should be in pretty good shape. Original screws included, also in decent shape.

Water Warriors Ultimate Outlaw (2)
Would prefer to sell these as a pair. Good condition, no problems noticed.

Water Warriors Python 2
Trigger gets sticky when wet. Otherwise, a great-feeling PR weapon.

Water Warriors Steady Stream 2
Not in good shape. E-Tape holds a lot of the casing together, and the pump pops out easily.
Free with any order

Speedloader 3000 (2)
Selling as a pair (I only have one hose connection). One works, the other seems to be having problems with its pressure-release valve. Most likely the only fix is disabling the PR valve, in which case you'd need to be very careful with refilling.

PM me if you're interested in something. I intend to work transactions out through PayPal, but I've never used it for direct two-person transactions so bear with me.
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