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Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 10:35 pm
by BlueMage
look at This CPS 1500 auction.
now tell me what's wrong. give up? IT'S FAKE!
there's a hole in the nozzle selector, it's missing the shoulder strap, and the logo is different.... and really tacky. and somehow, it seems to be missing all it's super soaker logos... ??? also, the grey plastic at the back of the gun where the tank comes out is a different shape, and the black parts are supposed to be purple. :cps1500: :oo: this is one of the most convincing imitations i've seen. it took me a while to figure out it was fake. :wacko:

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 10:38 pm
by Drewsky92
Yes, plus the tank looks like a second pc, instead of a resivor attachment. I'm guessing this thing is air pressure.

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 10:44 pm
by Soakologist
Wrong forum...
Mods, please move to the Soaker Exchange.
Topics like this really aren't necessary anyway. A soaker with any amount of experience would know that's a fake 1500. It's a poor fake, you needn't warn us.

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Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 9:47 am
by isoaker
The warning is appreciated since there are some newer members that may overlook details at times.

For a bunch of imitation soaker pics, see
Beware of Imitations

Soak on! :cool:

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 11:35 am
by DoubleONothing
The model CPS 1500 measures 23 inches long, holds 40 oz of water and shoots a stream to a distance of 37 feet.

It says model. Maybe it's not meant to be a real one, just a model. Who knows.

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 12:45 pm
by Drewsky92
@ Soakologest: I was about to buy that thing,:p Stupid me.

@ DON: I think he means THE model CPS 1500, not A model of the 1500.

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 8:52 pm
by Soakologist
Looks like some loser was dumb enough to bid on it... poor soul.

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 9:37 pm
by BlueMage
another fake soaker

yecch. all these super soaker ripoffs make me wanna soak the companies that make 'em! :bm1000:

edit: Another!

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