Where do I buy? - Where do I buy a good gun?

Selling, buying, shopping for and/or trading water blasters.
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Post by rleaver » Sat May 27, 2006 2:43 pm

America seems to sell all the good water guns (namely Hasbro). I live in Europe, and it's a lot harder to find guns here. I check on Ebay often, but guns go for loads. Any advice on where to buy my soakers...?

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Peter MJ
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Post by Peter MJ » Sat May 27, 2006 3:13 pm

It depends mostly on which type of water gun you're after. If you want to obtain one or more of the older Larami/Hasbro CPS soakers, the best chance you have is on eBay and/or other local auction sites, flea markets or garage sales. They are no longer sold in stores, so unless you are really lucky (old unsold stock) you won't find them there. If the current line-up is also acceptable to you, larger retail chains and online stores like Amazon.co.uk might be able to provide you with various water guns. The unfortunate truth is that the line-ups from both Hasbro and Buzz Bee Toys generally only appear on the European market several months or even a year after their US introduction. I do not expect to see the Max Infusion line-up in Europe anytime soon (not that I care anyhow). Unless you are completely focused on Hasbro, you might want to give the 2005-2006 line-up from Buzz Bee Toys a try. Their-top-of-the-line guns generally beat the Super Soakers sold at the moment, and provide a better experience (with the possible exception of the FlashFlood). :goofy:
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