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Selling, buying, shopping for and/or trading water blasters.
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Post by hunter » Mon Jun 20, 2005 6:04 pm

Ok everyone, I tried paintball this saturday and decided I want a gun, but if you've ever played before you know those guns are f***ing expensive, so I might be selling some of my soakers to get one. My dad still hasn't approved of me getting a PB marker, so this isn't final yet...but here's what I've got:
-modded FF: I've done practically all the mods possible to this baby except collosus, and the pump is a little hard, it has around the same range as my stock FF but more than 3 times the output. the FF valve is a little sticky, I added a pressure gauge(like on the cps 2k) to the side, and I did a CVF, but theres no bike tube to be spoken of around here, so no collosus. looking for around $25 for this one.

-stock FF and dev: I got these guns for a big fight, but that turned out to not happen, so they have received hardly any use whatsoever, and are practically new. I'm looking for $35-40 for these guns together.

-CPS 2100: this is painted black, but the coat is a little scratched up. The pump is a little hard, but otherwise its normal. I can add a k-mod and CVF to this for $22, and I'm looking for $20-25 for the gun itself.

-CPS 1700: this gun is in need of a pump, and I will prolly put up a price after I aquire one from marauder.

-CPS 2700: this gun is perfectly stock, except its missing the nozzle cover piece thingy. I was planning on keeping it for my personal use, so I will need a somewhat high price if you want it.

-I have two weird APH's, both don't have pumps or backpacks, they really aren't worth buying at all, but if you want one...

all prices a negotiate-able and do not include shipping. I will be posting images and complete descriptions at a later time. if you want more than one thing then shipping can probably be discounted. If I didn't state a price for an item that means I want a few offers to know how much you guys are willing to pay...I really hate to sell my babies, but I must...well...not really...but I want a paintball marker...
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