Selling a Super Soaker CPS 2000 - this is for the UK people only

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Post by arshad » Sun Sep 05, 2004 4:39 am


i have a CPS 2000. i live in the UK and i am selling it. however i am going america soon aswell. so , i was wondering if any one in the UK wants to buy it becuase i know i will sell it in america easy. if i get over £100 for the super soaker i will sell it

its a CPS 2000.
good condition with stickers.
perfect working condition.
a few scractes no cracks.

so if you want to buy it reply to this topic and tell me a price and remember these guns are very rare to buy from the UK i will be putting it on ebay very soon if i get some good prices for it.

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Post by Forceuser » Sun Sep 05, 2004 7:45 am

I'm not interested (it's too much for me) but is it a mark 1 or a mark 2?

Plus, on SSc you said that if you get over £70 you will sell it and now you say if you get over £100.

EDIT: Although I notice you have changed it on SSc now.

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Post by Shadowstrike Prime » Sun Sep 05, 2004 10:13 am

Moving to Soaker Exchange... put things in the right forum, people. Man.

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