Homemade pump action designs?

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Re: Homemade pump action designs?

Post by Drenchenator » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:28 pm

That is exactly the kind of nozzle most homemades need. Thanks for posting the link and photo, Tim! I knew I saw some other nozzles out there but I couldn't find the thread at the time. This thread should be a good reference for people who would want to build one of these pump-action designs.
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Re: Homemade pump action designs?

Post by marauder » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:50 am

Tim wrote:The nozzle below suggested by TylerK is far and away the best nozzle I have.


I purchased mine HERE. The product page shows an image of the 2-inch sweeper nozzle, but this is indeed a 6" nozzle.

I know of no other non-cast, non-stepped 6" sweeper nozzles on the market.
That's awesome. I have a 2 inch sweeper nozzle on my modded XP Pool Pumper. With the stock nozzle it gets about 39 feet range with roughly 2x output. With the 2 inch sweeper nozzle it gets about 47 ft range with roughly 10x output. I may have to get a 6" nozzle to compare the results there.
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