Spring Surprises - 2014

Guides and discussions about building water blasters and other water warfare devices such as water balloon launchers.
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Spring Surprises - 2014

Post by HBWW » Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:01 am

This will be a general megathread for my projects this year. I'm going to start with a list of things I'm working on:

- Mid-volume Syringe (1-1/4" PVC): On its own, it's a great Stream Machine*. Attached to the base, it can (theoretically) fill Super Chargers, APWC's, SuperCannon II's, and all sorts of other fun things.

- Pump Base: Assembly for any syringe. Has 2 check valves and tubes needed to connect a water source to a unit for pressurization. Pumps attach upward and act like those floor bike pumps with a T handle.

- High-volume Syringe (2" PVC): I made this a few years ago and shelved it after the fact that 2" pipe is no good as a PPH. It is being repurposed as a high volume pump for field filtering and other tasks. It might be able to fill SC's, but I need to test this.

- Revamped LPD: I need to redo a large portion of the LPD I got from SSC Ben in 2008ish. I made a few mistakes when assembling it, and the piston cup stopped sealing. I have a new piston design (which involves O-rings and 1-1/4" pipe and fittings) to try, and if successful, could prove to be revolutionary.

- High-volume CPH/APH pump: I'm trying to switch the SuperPiston to 3/4" pipe for higher volume homemade pumps. (At the expense of some pressure, but this will make homemades more practical.) I will still be using 1/2" if I can get those old K-modded spherical bladders to work in the CPH, which would be much better than LRT. (LRT is incredibly weak in my experience; seriously lacks the pressure and flow to push out a good stream that can compete with a CPS 2000, although it's competitive with smaller CPS's such as the 1000.)

- Check Valve: Low priority experiment using WaterWolf's old design, but I will be using only threaded parts. (So that if something fails, you don't have to throw out a bunch of PVC.)

I'll edit/post more details here as I go. I also hope to also help alleviate our lack of good, modern documentation on homemades. I think we need two styles of guides: one written for introducing new people to homemades, and one for advanced users which only contains important information: exact details on parts (super-super important; I prefer also including info on sources), tools required, and assembly.

Which means, so much for that APH guide I wanted to write! I may hold off on it until I get it to be more competitive with CPS's. (Which requires bringing it to a community war, of course.)

*Edit: Sorry, had to correct that from "Splashzooka".
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