Homemade Water Blasters

Guides and discussions about building water blasters and other water warfare devices such as water balloon launchers.
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Homemade Water Blasters

Post by isoaker » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:39 pm

Thread from the WWn Wiki - originally developed by iSoaker, Andrew, and Martianshark

1 Introduction
2 Section Framework
2.1 Introduction to homemade water guns / water blasters; how water guns work
2.2 Designing (Layouts / Planning / Choosing Pressurization System)
2.3 Water Balloon Launchers (WBLs)
2.4 Accessories
2.5 Specific Homemade Designs
3 External Links

[edit] Introduction

A homemade water blaster is any device that functions in the powered expulsion of water from a source and built using materials that are available to regular consumers. Homemade water blasters can also be considered as custom-built water blasters as well, designed to the specifications of the builder. These devices allow their creator to customize aspects of size, weight, and design and may also offer increased performance over pre-manufactured or "stock" blasters. Homemade water blasters originated as the predecessors of mass-produced water guns, often serving in a proof-of-concept capacity. Homemade water blasters remain a viable alternative for enthusiasts who desire increased performance over stock blasters or for those who wish to gain experience with basic machining, construction techniques, problem solving, operation of tools and by experimenting with fluid dynamics.

Building a homemade water blaster is not necessarily a difficult task, but to build one well does take a little planning and a solid understand of the mechanisms that make water blasters work. This section strives to make building homemade water blasters more accessible to novice builders while providing additional ideas and concepts for the advanced builder to hone their skills on.
[edit] Section Framework
[edit] Introduction to homemade water guns / water blasters; how water guns work

Common parts from stores (fittings, valves, threads, tubing, clamps, etc.)
Specialty parts from stores
Pipe cutting/attaching/sealing and measurement standards

[edit] Designing (Layouts / Planning / Choosing Pressurization System)

Hand-based pump designs
Water sources / reservoirs (fixed, backpacks, intakes, etc.)
Pressure chambers (PCs)
Air PCs
Elastic Rubber PCs
Spring PC's
Seperated air / water PCs
Piston PCs
Static Bladder PCs
Firing valves / triggers
Nozzles, selectors, and laminators

[edit] Water Balloon Launchers (WBLs)

Slingshot WBLs
WBL valves
WBL barrels and PCs
WBL rounds (Sabots and Shots)
WBL breeches and other advanced loading designs

[edit] Accessories

Straps and Slings
Water Ballon Attachments

[edit] Specific Homemade Designs

Air pressure homemade (APH/CAPH)
Elastic pressure homemade (CPH/Spring Based)
At least one ergonomical-APH/CPH design with trigger
Air-Piston Homemade (such as Supercannon II)
Classic pneumatic WBL: Inline / over-under design
Advanced pneumatic WBL: Breech loaded, multiple PCs
Homemade Piston Gun
Pressurized Reservoir Homemade (PRH)
Homemade Power Pak / pumpless (possible via LPD or rubber elastic PC designs)
Fun concepts: Discussion on auto/semi auto WBL's (which new users will undoubtedly be curious about), Tanks and Turrets, Boat Guns, etc. as well as compact/pistol-sized CPH's and that sort of thing.)
Ergonomics: Issues relating to ergonomical homemade designs; building homemades that are practical for water wars

[edit] External Links

Super Soaker Central Homemades - http://www.sscentral.org/homemade/
Aqua Labs Water Balloon Launcher - http://aqualabs.tripod.com/thelaunchers.html
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