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Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 7:22 pm
by 13579
Just a few days ago, i was bored, and made a homemade out of some pvc and hose fittings. You hook one part up to a hose, and the other to a aircompresser fitting. on a huge nozzle (1 inch in diameter), it could fire pretty far. I have a small nozzle for it, but i havent tried it with it on since it has been glued yet. Has anayone here ever made/tried to made this kind of a homemade?

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Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 8:21 pm
by Soakologist
Why has 13579 put his AIM name as Doom's? ???

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 8:35 pm
by SSCBen
That's not my AIM name. Mine is Nexusmonkey.

I've been considering making a homemade like that, but I haven't because it is dependant on an air compressor. That is like, in fact worse, than making it a SC gun. Once you run out of water your dead, simple as that. Unless you have a portable air compresor, which btw will be loud, slow and eat batteries like a sandwitch. The plus side is that the gun will be powerful as #### usually.

MrPukeOnYourHead was one of the guys who got me into homemades. His were like that. There are pics on the supersoaker pics page there.

I personally would make a gun like this use a regulator and an air backpack (also would work with co2 hookups). That way you can have multiple shot and still use the air compressor. Some have made Nerf homemades like that and they worked great. The only problem is that it won't be cheap, though it will be a one time fee, the air is nearly free.