CPS 2500 Parts

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CPS 2500 Parts

Post by matt220992 » Wed May 27, 2020 5:14 am

Hi All,

I am new here but just got a CPS 2500, was really happy with it but it was missing its nozzle selector. I managed to get hold of a second unit online (untested) so I plan to take the nozzle off that and then use it as a doner gun for spares when it turns up.

Obviously this is a pretty rare and handy resource but if anyone else out there is super desperate for a part that they just can't find, then I would like to try and make some money back on it (was pricey for what it was, hard to get them here in the UK so had to import it at great expense!) so just post on this thread and lets see what we can do!


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