Opening a CPS 1000

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Opening a CPS 1000

Post by simplyretrogaming » Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:15 pm

I have searched and searched and have found nothing specifically on this blaster that pertains to my issue... I have 3 CPS 1000's, 2 of which need to be opened to be repaired. I have unscrewed all the screws and the nozzle cap came off with ease, now im at a point where the orange pump cap is holding the gun together, and i cannot for the life of me get it off.

Im assuming it is glued on, but i noticed on the super shooter 2000 (a knockoff 1000) that the pump cap is screwed on. Frankly, im just confused as to how to safely proceed with removing the cap without breaking the gun. I have taken a razor blade and got inbetween the body and the cap, even still wile trying to pry it off using a thin flathead it just slips out and it wont budge, ive tried twisting it with no luck as well with all my strength again it didnt budge even a mm.

If anybody has experience opening the CPS 1000 specifically any help would be greatly appreciated, i feel i am on the right track but ive put as much force on this cap aas i feel comfortable with not knowing exactly how to remove it. Thank you! :cps1000:

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Re: Opening a CPS 1000

Post by Redd » Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:04 pm

I used to own a CPS 1000, close to 5 years ago. I tried to repair it once, and I believe I just pried the pump cap off with a flathead screwdriver. However, as you have experienced, this is easier said than done. If I recall correctly, I was working at the pump cap for a very long time before the thing finally popped off, and the pump cap was beaten to hell by the time I finally removed it. I'm sure a more experienced remember of the forum will give you better advice eventually, but this is my own personal experience.

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Re: Opening a CPS 1000

Post by soakinader » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:32 pm

Hi there. I am amazed that you could remove the nozzle cap without any trouble and then got stumped on the pump cap. Some of the CPS 1000 pump caps are threaded (a few of mine are, anyways) but most should just snap on and off over a small ridge in the plastic. Unfortunately, some guns have an obscene amount of glue holding them on but it usually isn't a very even job.

The first thing I always try is to take my pocket knife or flathead and wedge it between the edge of the pump cap and the body of the gun, and then push, causing the wedge to split them apart. Thank you, simple machines.

I would recommend twisting the shell pulling the right half up and the left half down, and then alternating, (sometimes try to pry apart like the shell is a pair of pliers) while looking carefully at the cap. Usually one side will seperate from the plastic a little and you can continue twisting until the pump cap detaches from ONE SIDE of the shell and you can open the gun. If the gun took too much sun it makes the plastic brittle and it will almost certainly break, not much you can do about it.

You may end up taking the razor blade and cutting around one half of the pump cap (pivot and don't saw through the pump shaft!) in order to achieve the same result, albeit the gun won't quite look perfect.

If you PM me later I can take some pictures and try to help you out. If you can supply a quality picture or three of the guns and the cap that would be cool.

I might even have pictures of this sort of thing on my minus page somewhere.
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