Internal Pics: Wild Water Weapons Speed Loader 1000

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Internal Pics: Wild Water Weapons Speed Loader 1000

Post by isoaker » Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:37 pm

Wild Water Weapons Speed Loader 1000 Internal pictures

For those unfamiliar with the Speed Loader series, these water blasters appeared on the market in late-1998 to early 1999. Requiring a hose adapter to refill, these blasters sported CPS-tech and interesting designs for some of the larger nozzles. The Speed Loader 1000 is one of the smallest (or is the smallest?) of the Speed Loaders made. As can be seen from its internals, it sports a decent-sized cylindrical CPS-chamber. However, due to my present lack of access to an active hose, I haven't been able to test this one, but I'd predict the power to be along the lines of a Super Soaker SC500 or SC600, perhaps slightly better.

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