Battlefield Injuries

Discussion of past, present, and future water war events.
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Battlefield Injuries

Post by SEAL » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:53 pm

Water warfare can be a rough sport. Share with us any injuries or accidents that have happened to you while fighting. This could also include an injury or some other issue that happened to you prior to the battle, yet you still fought through it. As sucky as they are when they happen, they make for excellent stories after the fact. Here are mine:

A long time ago, before I was even a community member I think, I had a small battle with my brothers and a neighbor; sort of a competitive soakfest I guess. For whatever reason I used a Max-D Secret Strike, and the grip on that sucker gave me one hell of a blister that was visible for a long time afterward. Not much of an injury, but as far as I can remember it's the first time I got bloody in a water gun fight, haha.

The most infamous injury for me was when I split open my knee and palm at Downpour '11, the first community war. After a lapse in focus, my team got ambushed, sending us into a messy stampede of a retreat. I thought I would be clever and run off the trail to lose the enemy in the underbrush, but all that did was slow me down and cause me to trip just as I got shot. I fell out onto the gravel trail, breaking the fall with my left knee and hand. I was carrying a backpack full of extra gear, so that stuff flew everywhere and I ended up with a bloody gash the size of a silver dollar on my knee. My palm was also missing a good chunk of skin. This was the first death of the war, so at least it was a spectacular one, haha.

I took another spill at Frozen Fury '13. This happened at Northgate when we were fighting among the small hills near the ruins. Someone shot at me, so I sidestepped to the right and...wait, where did the ground go? I was standing on a rock ledge, and my dumb ass just stepped right off it without looking. I fell about three feet onto solid rock, landing on my side. I could feel the shock of the impact through my whole body, but thankfully nothing was broken and I actually scrambled right back up and kept fighting. My side was sore for a little while though.

At Frozen Fury '14 I actually fought the war with Mono. The sides of my throat were swollen, and that combined with the cold air did not make for a very fun experience. The war ended up being a much smaller, shorter event than usual, and it was probably better off that way for the sake of my health, haha.

I also fought Frozen Fury '15 with a handicap, seeing as I had previously pulled a back muscle while trying to be a badass in the gym. It wasn't too bad, but I definitely couldn't move as well as normal. That injury actually lasted a lot longer than it should have, because I didn't want to stop my workout routine to rest it.

At Soakemore '16 I had a pretty big accident that actually didn't end in an injury, but very easily could have. That war was one of many where it rained all day, so things got pretty slippery. I had engaged someone, but while fighting them I was standing on a wet log. Suddenly my feet flew out from under me, and all I saw was the sky. In my war report I wrote that I did a backflip, but looking back on it I don't think I actually went head-over-heels. It felt like it though. It was pretty scary, and by some miracle I didn't get hurt.

That's about all I can think of. Of course, any time we have a battle in someplace with lots of thorns, I end up getting cut up quite a bit. That's pretty minor though, and happens to everyone. So I don't really count that. Anyway, what stories do you guys have?
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Re: Battlefield Injuries

Post by marauder » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:09 am

The one that comes to mind first is from Vermin War 2 when one of our guys buttstroke an opponent with his 1200. It broke a tooth off and my friend stood on his chest and shot him in the face point blank with his 1200. Definitely don't want that to happen, but I think we are all a lot more mature than that these days.

SEAL, that is quite a list of battlefield injuries that you persevered through. I have had a lot of cuts and scrapes, at basically every single community war. Last war I think I was the first one to bleed. But I haven't had anything on your level that I can remember.
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