Discussion of past, present, and future water war events.
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Post by marauder » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:19 am

Alfatrooper wrote:Marauder, I have always wanted to go to your wars in NC. I have heard amazing stories and read the threads, but it is too far away. The furthest I have ever traveled for an event is 3.5 hours. I hope to someday meet you and attend one of your events, but for now I can't. I think it is unrealistic to have people arrive early for a sleepover war. I remember having people stay at my house before wars and rarely did they come early. Sometimes very late, like after I went to bed. We need to be convent for people and expect that they will be very late, need lots of food and help and not go to bed until hours after arriving. Wars should be adjusted to be easy to attend (not easy to fight in, but easy to get there if distance is not an issue).
Hey man, no worries. Would you, by chance, be able to hitch a ride to Baltimore for a war? That is probably about the furthest I can do a day drive to. In the future I can go up to NY/CT for wars, but I have certain family and work obligations right now that are keeping me here.
Alfatrooper wrote:What was the best past legal location to sleep, fight, and get to?
Usually a park or someone's house. Camp Wilson in NY worked pretty well for Downpour I think. Sleeping over at my house works well in NC. I don't think Rob's parents are too keen on having people over anymore, so I don't think we have a place in CT.

Alfatrooper wrote:Can we superplan to get maximum attendance?
With everyone living so far away I think it is best to just host wars more often. Because we didn't hold a fight on the 21st we missed out on the only chance for Ben T to be involved this year, and with you not able to come to NC or probably MD we may not get to see you either. My point in saying that is that I would prefer to focus on max attendance for the year as first priority, max attendance per event as second priority. I think the more events we have the more likely guests come and then want to go to the next war. Chupacabra had recruited several people from the track team to go to HOG and now they are missing that chance. If they went and enjoyed themselves there would be higher chance of them attending another war. Hopefully we didn't miss that opportunity, and I hope you see where I am going with this.

Alfatrooper wrote:Can people learn to move and get ready faster? ha ha.
I used to ask this same question, but to answer both you and SEAL I have changed my perspective. We have a lot of members who have to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning to catch a ride/train/whatever to these events and then it is often half a day of riding before they arrive on site. We changed things up to just let people sleep in more and then have less down time between battles. This new method seems to be very popular across the community.

Alfatrooper wrote:The best water wars are the ones that happen. We always want great attendance, but sometimes good is better than no event. If people missed out then hopefully they won't in the future!
I can't say this enough. This is, ultimately, my entire point in this discussion. I noticed that HOG was probably not going to happen on the 21st, so I floated the idea that Scott host Soakermore on that date instead. It was probably too quick of a turn around, so by no means am I pointing out Scott here, but this weekend would have been a good opportunity.

People have brought up weather as a concern. On Saturday it was 75 and cloudy here until about 3pm. I understand that it was 95 in May, with max humidity, but that doesn't mean that every day is going to be that way. The key is to make a contingency plan - e.g. bring a cooler full of drinks - have a plan to night fight, something like that.

Let's try to plan for the next war and just have fun.
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Post by DX » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:18 am

Alfatrooper wrote:Marauder, I have always wanted to go to your wars in NC. I have heard amazing stories and read the threads, but it is too far away. The furthest I have ever traveled for an event is 3.5 hours.
If we have a war in DC, you don't have to drive there, it can be accomplished almost entirely via public transit. Even from New Haven, all you have to do is board a Metronorth express to Grand Central, swipe into the subway from the corner of the terminal, take any westbound 7 train to 34th St Hudson Yards, and hop on an $8 to $15ish Megabus at 34th and 7th Ave. The Megabus brings you to DC Union Station where you can then tap into the Metro (note that the Metro entrance is outside the station, not in it, go all the way down from the bus deck, go right, and out the doors) and take the red line to Friendship Heights or Bethesda and meet Scott there. That may sound like a lot, but it's actually really easy, and I can do that trip with you if you need a guide (just meet me at Grand Central at a specific time). The whole trip admittedly takes longer than driving, but it costs less than driving, and you get to ride while someone else drives.

NC is a bit more difficult to reach. There is Amtrak service to Raleigh. but it's expensive. There's service to some other stations closer to Clayton, but they rarely run and they're even more expensive. There is regional bus to Raleigh, but that takes all day or runs overnight.

It's definitely more realistic for us to attend something in DC or Baltimore. I could still host a war here, but can only have a couple people spend the night. The rest of my summer is pretty full, so it would have to be in early or mid September, before the leaves go. You've seen Cedar Hill in the winter, it's not so great unless the vegetation is up. The long term forecast is for El Nino to develop and a cold October. There might not be much of a window outside September.
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