Your Most Satisfying Victories/Crushing Defeats

Discussion of past, present, and future water war events.
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Your Most Satisfying Victories/Crushing Defeats

Post by SEAL » Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:02 pm

There seems to be a dearth of posts on the board lately. Let's try to change that, shall we? In this topic, let's all discuss our most epic victories and heartbreaking losses on the battlefield. Unlike the biggest blunders and epic moments threads, this focuses just on wins and losses, not individual combat performance. Which victories are you most proud of? Which defeats are you most embarrassed/frustrated about? Explain why! I'll begin:

-6-person FFA soakfest @ my house - I was the least dry of everyone after it was over, while using an AS Secret Strike, the worst weapon on the field. Near the end everyone tried to gang up on me and I still came out on top!
-3v3 4-flag CTF @ marauder's house, Hydropocalypse day 1 - Just when it looked like we were going to lose 3 flags to 1, we came together and assaulted the enemy base, taking two of the flags back (it's now illegal to take more than one flag per person, haha) and winning the round in the last minute.
-3v3 AP-only 1HS @ Legend Park, MOAB day 1 - This was one of the hardest battles I've ever fought, going up against 300s and a Gorgon with Colossi and a modded MD 6K. The fact that it was so difficult made it quite satisfying to win, even if our only kills came off of Drenchenator who hadn't fought in a community war battle previously.
-4v4 CTF @ Westland Middle School, Soakemore 2013 night 3 - Still probably one of my favorite rounds ever. After a couple failures at getting the flag, I managed to work together with CA99's friend and make off with the flag almost unnoticed. The adrenaline rush from that run was incredible, and I was able to fend off everyone who came after me.

-5v4 1HK @ Dug Hill, Downpour 2011 day 1 - Our whole team was eliminated due to getting ambushed after letting our guard down. Not exactly a desirable outcome for my first community war battle.
-2v1 1HK @ McMillan Creek (local battlefield) - I was on the team of two, and we got shot from behind without even seeing it coming. I don't like it when that happens, haha.
-4v4 CTF @ Long Beach West, Frozen Fury 2012 day 1 - The first rivalry round we lost. Somehow my team let marauder get in to where the flag was, and from there he was able to chuck it out a hole in the back wall of the building and come back for it later. It's not like he killed anyone to get through, it's just that it seemed like my team didn't really try to stop him.
-3v3 1HK @ Sycamore Island, Soakemore 2013 day 1 - Another one where my whole team got ambushed because of not watching the rear.
-4v4 CTF @ Westland Middle School, Soakemore 2013 night 3 - I didn't like this one because I got hit when I shouldn't have, which led to us losing the round.
-3v3 Domination @ Dug Hill, Downpour 2013 day 1 - We were winning up until the point when my team let Drenchenator get through and hit me, completely collapsing our line of defense. Just like the LBW CTF, he didn't hit anyone, my team just somehow let him in.
-5v4 Outpost @ Northgate, Frozen Fury 2013 day 1 - My team had horrible tactics in this battle, which resulted in a rather embarrassing loss. Focusing on defending one measly point with our better players while leaving the rest of the team way out of reach to defend like three points at once is not a good idea. I guess it was our first time playing outpost, but still.

As you can guess, I am more easily frustrated at defeats than I am satisfied at victories. That's 'cause winning is supposed to be routine, haha. Also, it's interesting how all the rounds on my defeats list are 1HK and objective games; no 1HS. I would guess that's because 1HS generally gives you more opportunity to make up for your mistakes.

I don't think there's another thread like this around, but if there is we can merge this into it.
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Re: Your Most Satisfying Victories/Crushing Defeats

Post by HBWW » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:28 pm

I've grabbed the flag a few times, one of which I waited for my entire rest of my attacking team to get wiped out before making the run, and I hit DX twice or so. That's about it for victories. I've had plenty of highlight moments otherwise, despite not resulting in victories.

Defeats... Meh. I've done some pretty stupid things before, including not doing anything at all (or not doing enough). I've been unable to help/protect/direct bad teammates everytime the opportunity to do so has presented itself. There are many instances where I have a good idea of what to do, but have to sit and overthink instead of just getting the job done, and this happens in both Nerf and water wars quite often.

Victories and defeats in our short rounds hinge on these sort of moments; the blunders and successes, so there's not that much that's different here.
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Re: Your Most Satisfying Victories/Crushing Defeats

Post by marauder » Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:03 pm

This is a great topic. Not sure why I didn't see it sooner.

Vermin War 1. 10 vs 15. Soakfest.
Yes, as a matter of fact you can be absolutely destroyed in a soakfest. Not only were we outnumbered by 50% but take a look at the opposing team's arsenal: CPS 2000, multiple CPS 1000s, 2 SC 600s, 2 SC 500s, 1 XP 110, 3 XP 85s... vs ours: 1 CPS 1000, 1 SC 500, 1 SC 400, 1 Speed Loader 1500, 1 SS 100, squirt pistols... Anyway, much of our plan was actually quite solid - send out scouts to prevent a surprise attack, have multiple sources of water, have a bunker protecting the QFDs, create barriers to keep the enemy from taking the tree fort. However, we had several severe flaws as well. We put the youngest players in the tree fort - the actual objective we had to defend at all costs - and gave my CPS 1000 to a 10 year old (I was rightfully hesitant about this). The enemy had quite a good plan, they shot off fire works to distract/spook us, then feinted from the open field only to attack in mass from the forest in the complete opposite direction. We soaked them pretty good, but our interior defense was no match. One can only imagine a bunch of kids in a tree fort armed with squirt pistols and waterballoons trying to fight back against a CPS 2000 and multiple 1000s making the sky fall.

Massacre Hill at Hydropocalypse
It's called massacre hill for a reason. I knew I'd have a disadvantage on the attack here, as our opponents had most of the experienced players. Paul didn't stick around this long and my brother wasn't feeling well so he never fought. In theory I could say I had 4 experienced players, my sister, and 3 cousins. Jack and Will seemed to have regressed since the first community war, or maybe they were just better at fighting in thicker areas. Drew had been in one of the Vermin Wars, along with another battle with me and some other people a few months before. His strengths and weaknesses were the opposite of what you'd need in this type of environment. As a college track runner he is incredibly quick, but he's also not that great at dodging, oddly similar to Andrew/Drench. That was of no use when assaulting the hill. To make matters worse multiple guns failed right before the assault and we ended up having to pull out an XP 65 and a shotblast to make ends meet. The enemy, much more experienced, and on the high ground, had grabbed multiples of every heavy gun they could find. There was just no possible way we were going to win this one.

Run for the Boxes @ MOAB
Possibly my favorite round of all time. I loved the confusion. I loved getting a waterballoon kill at close range. I loved fighting outnumbered and with air pressure blasters on familiar ground where the enemy had no idea where they were going. While this was technically a tie I'm going to say that the lady that called the cops defeated all of us, and our plan to go back and get Andrew/Drench defeated my own team. Props to the SEALs on that ambush. I should have had everyone get dropped off further down, closer to the ramp. Then the lady never would have called the cops, and we'd have had a better chance of "rescuing" Andrew.

AP Only 1hs at MOAB
2 300s, 2 Gorgons, and a Colossus vs Max D 6000, XP 150, Collossi.... this should be an easy one to predict. We had the biggest guns and the 3 fastest players and got outphysicalled. Simply put, we could not keep a constant attack and this enabled the enemy to engage small parts of our team at a time. Issues with communication further complicated this. Whenever I would push the enemy back with my 300 I'd become isolated and the enemy could reform before the rest of my team was engaged. You guys have made a vast majority of the hits in rivalry games, so why you're the ones who are not as set on continuing the rivalry is beyond me.

Vermin War 2. 10 vs 20. Soakfest. If only because we got them back and were even more outnumbered this time. Our brilliant attack plan was partly due to a blunder on my behalf. I thought that I was being asked to go down a path through the woods and attack when really I was being asked to scout it out. My party of 4 ended up coming out on the enemy perimeter defenses only for the rest of our team to come crashing down on them from the other side after my friend's mom dropped them off by van at the culdesac in font of the house. I guess the little known irony here is that in the first war I didn't want to give away my 1000 and actually warned against having the younger players guarding the objective, and we lost. A year later and a year older and wiser and I blundered a scouting mission only to have it turn into a brilliant pincer movement.

Dominator War 2. 1hk. Something like 5 v 5
This was my first true community war. Well, maybe not like multiple community members (I think there were technically 3) but still, the first time meeting up with someone else from the community. It was special because my brother and I were the youngest and yet we ended up winning the battle for Dave/XN's team. 1hk battles where only 1 person left standing are always going to be epic. I killed a majority of their players despite everyone being about 5 years older than me and arguably just as experienced.

CTF at Frozen Fury 2011
We were getting slaughtered and I somehow managed to get into the enemy base, throw the flag out of the wall, then come back later and pick up the flag and bring it back to our base. You can say we won because of cunning (throwing the flag out of a hole in the wall) but I still had to get past your entire front line, and John guarding the door just to get into your base to begin with; AND I had to get behind your entire team unnoticed to pick up the flag after that and evade getting shot. Against all odds.
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