Toronto-Area Water Fight

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Toronto-Area Water Fight

Post by isoaker » Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:23 pm

From Facebook:

Subject: The big day is tomorrow (Aug 9, 2008) + we got the CFRB 1010 Cruiser coming and we're going on the radio LIVE!

Alright, so just a reminder to everyone that the water fight is going to be tomorrow! we'll start at 2 pm. so if you're in the water pit then be ready to get wet!!!

The guys from CFRB 1010 ( are going to be there, you'll beable to enter their Win-a-BBQ-contest, you'll also be able to recieve other stuff such as discounted coupons for 241 Pizza and Coffee Time

Now here is the best part.... They will cover the event live!!! thats right, they may interview some of you..etc, you'd never know.
but expect ALOT more people coming to the event, as it'll be over the radio live, as its happening.

Finally, please don't get into any fights. last year we had such a great time, lets make it the same this year.
and INVITE INVITE INVITE more people to come :) its free! lol

p.s parking is along side of the road where permitted, and we'll all be meeting up IN the water pit/playground. here is an exact google map to where it is> ... iwloc=ddw0

:: Leave NO one dry! :: .:

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