Most important stat for gameplay

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Most important stat for gameplay

Post by the oncoming storm » Thu May 03, 2018 11:39 pm

Different games types require a slight change of priorities , like what stats are most important so the question is what do you think the most important stats are per game?

Game types
Long 1HS
1HK or short 1HS
Attackers vs Defense (both sides)

Field life

Just list them by order of priority for each game. Here’s my opinion.

field life, RoF, Output, Range, Mobility

Range, field life, RoF, Mobility, Output

Range, RoF, Mobility, output, field life.

And I would copy 1HS for defense and 1HK for attacking
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Re: Most important stat for gameplay

Post by scottthewaterwarrior » Fri May 04, 2018 11:23 am

Field life, output, rate of fire, mobility, range

OHS (short or long):
Mobility, rate of fire, range, field life, output

Range, mobility, output, rate of fire, field life

Objective (Attacking):
Rate of fire, mobility, range, output, field life

Objective (Defending):
Range, output, rate of fire, field life, mobility - field life would be after range if I can't cache extra blasters

I think some of it comes down to individual play style. For example, I highly value being nimble, so I often prioritize mobility over other factors. Some things, like range and output, kind of go together too: more range usually requires more output. More output usually means less field life and rate of fire. More everything else usually means less mobility (larger, heavier gun).
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Re: Most important stat for gameplay

Post by SEAL » Fri May 04, 2018 4:27 pm

I'll list player stats too since this is the tactics section and all.

Assuming we're talking a competitive soakfest, I'd say the most important stat is output, because obviously, the goal is to soak your opponent as much as possible. This is followed by field life, because opportunities to refill are rare in a soakfest due to no respawn time. Range and RoF (which is somewhat of a misnomer, but I digress) are tied, and mobility comes in last. To get heavy output and long field life, you need a pretty heavy soaker.

The best player stats are probably strength to carry big guns and speed/quickness for getting in close to soak people while minimizing your own damage.

Range is king here; you have a much better chance of making a hit if you can do so while out of your opponents' reach. Output is second, because it's also easy to make hits when your stream takes up more space. Mobility and RoF are probably tied for third, although mobility jumps ahead if the terrain is thick or difficult to traverse. Field life comes in last, because long 1HS battles offer plenty of opportunities to run away and refill.

To succeed in 1HS, you obviously need great endurance to keep fighting for hours on end. But you also need to be smart, with plenty of tactical knowledge in order to outwit the enemy. Being stealthy helps too if the battlefield supports it.

Range again takes the top spot with output in second, for the same reasons as above. Third would be RoF, followed by field life, and mobility comes in last. I tend not to care very much about mobility because if your gun is powerful enough, you won't need to move as much. The battlefield dictates how important mobility is a lot more than the gametype.

Speed and agility is probably the most important stat in a shorter battle, especially when getting hit means instant death. If you can avoid getting hit, you're pretty much golden, assuming you know how to aim a water blaster.

For offense, it's basically the same deal as 1HS, except I would put RoF in second place ahead of output. You need to be able to press the attack hard. Mobility is not terribly important, but it's more important than field life, because it's easy to run off and refill. The defenders aren't going to risk abandoning their post to come after you.

A good attacker needs to be fast, both physically and mentally, and aggressive, with a good amount of endurance too. Basically you need to keep throwing yourself at the objective until you find a way to bust through.

Defenders generally need range above all else, ahead of output. You need big firepower to send the attackers packing. Field life moves up to third place, because defenders rarely get a chance to breathe. RoF is close behind, because again, you need to be able to ward off an onslaught. Mobility is a very distant last place, because defensive teams don't move much.

The best attribute a defensive player can have is probably dodging ability, but another one is patience. You have to basically stall out the other team until the clock expires. If you get too eager and start shooting at anything that moves, you'll be out of water and the enemy can just trample you. Standoffs do not make a war fun, but defensive players love them because it buys time.
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Re: Most important stat for gameplay

Post by marauder » Tue May 08, 2018 1:37 pm

Obviously there has to be a balance, but when it comes to most important -

I always go for output in Soakfests and range in the others. Field life is usually more important with OHS.

I keep going back and forth on mobility, but I think that my playing style gives me a bonus when I use more mobile weaponry. I don't always do this, as in the past I've used some more awkward or cumbersome blasters - MXL, 300, 275, Gorgon - at times. But then again, I have also had a decent amount of success with those blasters as well, so it depends on the battlefield and a variety of other factors as well.
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Re: Most important stat for gameplay

Post by HBWW » Thu May 10, 2018 10:47 pm

I have a wrench to throw in here: Effective range.

Effective range is a combination of both the range in which the stream stays laminar, and the velocity of the stream. It's the area where dodging a stream becomes progressively more and more difficult, and is the range where hits are most difficult to avoid. It's also not a solid number, but something very gradual.

When effective range is good, you don't even have to worry about output since it implies sufficient output.

That said, the next most important stats are a balanced combination of PC capacity, pump volume, and reservoir capacity. Each of them are important individually and support each other to one purpose: To maintain your ability to keep dishing out the heat (or rather, the cold in this case). The combination of these stats are what makes the XP 150 killer for its class. Its small reservoir capacity isn't even a serious issue due to its class and thus its lower effective range. However, that reduced effective range is what puts it in a class below CPS's.
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