Updating the Water Warfare Games section on iSoaker.com

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Updating the Water Warfare Games section on iSoaker.com

Post by isoaker » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:05 pm

Taking a break from writing articles, I'm diverting some attention over to fixing up the Water Warfare Games section on iSoaker.com. To this end, I'm currently updating the style being used on game description pages. See: Ambush! Hide 'n Soak for the current version of the layout which will be used across all water warfare games listed on iSoaker.com. I'm about 90% content with this layout, but am open to suggestions on how things may be improved. As all other games follow the same breakdown, unless there is a strong reason to, I have no plans on adding or rearranging the subsections on the page. I'm mostly looking for thoughts on how each section is being presented.

Thoughts and suggestions most welcome! I'm giving a tentative deadline of Thursday, Dec. 12 as the last day to offer feedback before I make my final decision and begin converting the rest of the game pages.

Soak on!

Edit: Thread now closed.

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