Your Best & Worst Tactics

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.
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Your Best & Worst Tactics

Post by marauder » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:19 am

I love reading war stories, but we don't really ever analyze the outcome of our battles. I wanted to start this thread so we can talk about what worked, and what didn't. Brag about your victories, just don't be a sore loser. :soakwcps1000:

I have a lot of battles that I want to cover, but I'll start out with a few that will be the most familiar.

Downpour 2011, 1hk
Strategy: Stalk the enemy and wait for them to lose their discipline, then attack when they were vulnerable.
Why: We were outnumbered, and aside from Wetmonkey, I had no idea what skill level our opponents were at, so DX and I did not believe in attacking head on. The decent amount of underbrush allowed for geurilla tactics to be conducted.
Small Scale Tactics: Once we cut down their numbers I gave the order for everyone to spread out so we could surround them. Set back and lob shots in, while Will crawled in through the bushes, hopefully unbeknownst to them.
This worked very well and we ended up eliminating all enemy personel without taking any casualties.

SEAL, Scott, Wetmonkey, what was your plan? What would you have done if you had been in our situation?

Hydropocalypse, 1hk
Strategy: We were originally outnumbered and there was almost no underbrush, so there was no way I could repeat the strategy used in Downpour. I actually had no idea what to do, except to fight cautiously with the big guns up front. When Paul and his gf showed up that gave us numerical superiority, so we stood a better chance head on. The enemy took up a good defensive position, especially considering their superior weaponry. Perhaps DX or SEAL can comment on their plan.
Small Scale Tactics: There wasn't really anything we could do exepct attack head on. I wanted to proceed with caution, because charging to the middle would give their superior weaponry the edge. We had a bit of a mexican stand off in the middle and I had us apply pressure to the flanks, with Belisarius on our left and Paul on the right. Unfortunately Belisaurius' XP 270 wasn't much of a threat on the flanks, the only chance we had was for him to sneak up on the enemy unsuspected, but there was no undergrowth. Despite his superior skill, Laura with my Gorgon aided by John with DX's 2000 had the edge.
Why: Ended in a stalemate, very balanced teams. We may have had a slight edge in an open field, but the enemy took up a smart defensive position.

DX, SEAL, what would you have done in my position? How'd you come about choosing your strategy?

What were some of your greatest victories or defeats? How'd they come about?
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Re: Your Best & Worst Tactics

Post by SEAL » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:44 am

Best Tactics:
There are a few, but the one that sticks out in my mind the most is the 3vs3 CTF game we had on the first day of Hydropocalypse. My original plan was to have Keith go for the flag and test the enemy defense. Once we found out that M4 and his friend Chris were attacking, leaving my brother Jon alone with a Monster XL, Keith ran in and took a flag while we held off the opposition. We then had the lead, but soon after that two of our flags were stolen, so we were behind. We figured that since they were already ahead, there would be no reason to stay behind and guard the remaining flag, since they wouldn't be going after it anyway. So we brought the house, and managed to overwhelm the enemy, and take two of the flags, securing the lead just as the round ended. I don't know how long we could've held them if the pizza man hadn't showed up, but we did a good job nonetheless. Definitely one of my favorite battles of all time.

So M4, what was your plan before the pizza man arrived? I'm guessing it was the same as ours, but you never know.

Worst Tactics:
Probably the first battle of Downpour '11. :goofy: Our strategy was to simply find the enemy and overpower them with our superior numbers, but we ended up splitting up a lot; thankfully, nobody found us while we were like this. The worst tactical blunder, however, was our drop in guard. At first, we were extremely cautious, but after almost an hour of searching for the enemy and coming up with nothing, we sort of got discouraged, and ended up just walking down the trail, hoping that they'd find us just so we could have some action. As pretty much everybody on this forum probably knows, it didn't have a desirable outcome, that's for sure.

Looking back on it nearly a year later, I'd say that if I was the team leader (wetmonkey was our unofficial leader, since he was probably the most experienced.), and I had the knowlege I have now, I definitely wouldn't have split up, since that defeats the purpose of having greater numbers, and I certainly wouldn't have let my guard down like that. My plan would simply be to hunt-'n'-soak, and once we'd find the other team, we should be able to overpower them (although they did have superior weaponry.). If I was on the other side, I probably would've done something similar to what they did.

M4: Our plan in the OHK battle at Hydropocalypse was to stick together at a good defensive position, which would force you guys to spread out to attack us, making it harder for you to cover each other. That was DX's plan, and I think that was the general idea. If I had been in your position, I probably would've snuck all the way around behind my team, and attacked us from the slightly higher ground that was behind us. From there I would have probably split the team up and attack from both sides, making sure to take out that idiot with the CPS 2700 as fast as possible. :goofy:
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Re: Your Best & Worst Tactics

Post by scottthewaterwarrior » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:32 pm

Worst Tactic:
I think my worst tactic was trying to take out Rob at the first Downpour with a Helix. :soakwcps1000: I don't really remember what he was using; when I try and think about it I just get this double barreled CPS 2000, :P and it might as well have been.

Best Tactic:
I'm not really much of a one much for tactics, most of the time I rely on soly skill to win my battles. This is why I normally just ask others what to do and am often stuck guarding the rear (which I rather like any way). Few times have I made strategies and even fewer have they worked.

*But here is one I used once, if you can call it a tactic:
I think my best tactic was one I employed recently at my annual B-Day water war. I decided for the last round to make it a OHS/Soakfest hybrid (OHS with no respawn time). I had really been dominating the whole time so I made it every one verses me. Facing 8-1 odds, I kept on the run. I had my 2500 so I had the range advantage over every one and could run the longest; I did tap shots at the maximum range of the gun, but would take off before two many of them came and surrounded me. I still ended up getting surrounded a few times, but after a few tap shots to push them back, would run between the weaker ones and into the open again.

I was soaked, and lost 16-31, but not bad for being completely outnumbered (though I think I would have had a bit more trouble with the people at downpour).
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