The winter wars

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.
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The winter wars

Post by the oncoming storm » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:57 pm

Over the corce of last winter i had three battles as i have posted only the first one I will post the others

A Trechorus Foe

It was a warm day and my friend Priv Willams was over. We had just fineshed "Stormcage" and having just bought a steady stream 2 and needing to combat test it we loaded for war. We started with him at the trash cans and me in the fort, after a long range shot at the fort I reteed and went to the trash cans he didn't follow iIwalked back and he was at the deck. We traded shots and I retreted and again he didn't follow I walked into the back yard and he was under the deck sezing my chance I shot him for ten seconds! we did this again and again with little difeance till he just gave up and I was delcaered the winner.

1st Training Battle

As I rode to pick up Sarg. Ray I was exicted. When we got back to my house we loaded of war, him with his (it was once mine) Scatter Blast, me with my hornet, we started in the sideyard trading shots and doging shots I tryed to flank him to no avalie so I retreted down the street running him out of water. We went back to my house to let him refill, again the firefight was stalemat but he didn't follow down the street, I charged him soaking his back till he shot me at point blank. we went in after that to play games.
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