Use of vehicles in water warfare

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.

Do you allow the use of vehicles in your water wars during game play?

Yes; anything goes!
Yes; but nothing motorized
Yes; but nothing motorized and/or able to move faster than a running person (e.g. this rule excludes bicycles)
Yes; but limited to people-pulled equipment transports (e.g. wagons, wheel barrows, etc.)
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Re: Use of vehicles in water warfare

Post by marauder » Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:00 am

mr. dude wrote:
M_4 wrote:But in actual battles, I think it's pretty much cheating if you can't shoot the people in the vehicle. It's also dangerous if you are driving a big vehicle. If the vehicle is open like a four wheeler or go cart, andyou can shoot into it, I think that's fine.
My problem with that, how easy is it to drive while someone's blasting their 2k's pressure chamber at your face? Even something as small as 4-wheelers or go-karts can cause injuries if you drive them into people, and driving while blinded by water would be a bit of a threat.
Yeah, that's a very good point. A lot of my friends have wrecked four wheelers and broken bones before.
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